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Friday, October 24, 2008

New Things to Create With

I am severely lacking in the designer paper department. I've seen so many beautiful things made using these beautiful papers. And, I wanted to use more of them in my card making. At Old Time Pottery, a decorating superstore
I found an aisle of scrap booking supplies. There I found a nice selection of prepackaged papers. I picked out 3 packages and some photo corners, stickers and a package each of silver and gold paper.

I have been having the hardest time finding paper napkins with nice pictures on them. So, next stop the paper napkin aisle. Am I really that picky? I don't think so. Even with the nice assortment they stocked, I had a hard time finding something that I liked. I want to try the "paper napkin technique" that I saw on Michelle's Rubber Room, see blog list, and not a decent napkin in sight. I managed to find 3 packs. Now I can try the technique, finally.

But, there is more shopping to tell you about. A few days ago I purchased a very basic Singer sewing machine. I've been staring at a pile of my husbands pants that need hemming. I also have a collection of fabrics for new covers for throw pillows and a dust ruffle. That would be a lot of sewing by hand and I want to save my somewhat arthritic hands for fun things like stamping and gardening. I've also seen a sewing machine used in making cards and other crafting projects. That did it, I got a sewing machine. The instructions seem easy enough to follow. You see, I've never done much sewing. My mom is an expert at sewing but it sure didn't rub off on me. In her sewing heyday, she did her sewing on an old treadle machine. She made most of our clothes when I was growing up. We had fun trips to the fabric store to pick out "that just right" fabric. I still enjoy going to a fabric store, I still buy fabric, it piles up just like my husband's mending. I did need a sewing machine!

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