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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pamela, My Creative Kitty

Pamela is checking out my new craft supplies that I just brought home from Big Lots. This trip was a shopping bonanza. It isn't always like that. I was able to get mini flowers, decorative paper, ribbon, gel pens, photo writer pens, page accents and beads.

The sheer plaid ribbon or the beads might show up on the Christmas ATCs I will be making for the Swap on Rubberstampchat . I'm new to ATCs and swapping. I am also going to participate in an Inchie Swap. I am waiting for my templates to arrive. We will be making folds in tiny 1" squares? And, decorating them? Can you do that?!!!

The pack of spiral notebooks will be part of another benefit project that I'm going to do. It is called "Cards4Kids at I will be making small notebooks and cards for the parents and children at a Children's Hospital in the greater Detroit area. I thought this was a wonderful project. If you would like to participate, all of the info that you need is in the Cards4Kids blog.

I also have a template web page to share, Mirkwood Designs. This was given to me in regard to the ATCs I will be making. There are some very nice templates available for free.

I guess this little shopping binge will have to end now. Have you seen what the "market" is doing these days? My nerves are getting pretty frazzled.

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