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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Plant Nursery

This year I'm starting cuttings of my plants that will root in water. I already have a few roots showing. This is burgundy and green sweet potato vine, coleus and spider plant babies.

This my new Christmas Cactus that I got a couple of weeks ago. I no sooner got it home and buds started spouting. It doesn't show too well but the buds are pinkish-red. In there somewhere are cuttings of my mom's Christmas Cactus that I got during my visit in September. They had rooted and were waiting patiently to be planted. I also have cuttings from her Jade Plant that have rooted. So, I have to get them planted.

And, my Mahogany Fern and Pregnant Onion. The fern has 2 new shoots coming up. The Pregnant Onion has one new baby onion and several others getting ready to pop out. This is a sorry picture isn't it?

The Pregnant Onion bloom started growing last week and is already about 18" tall and getting ready to bloom.

The last that I talked to my mom, she said she had forgotten to give me some Hollyhock seeds from plants that originated in Russia. Wouldn't that be a neat thing to have in your garden? The next time we talk, I'm going to ask her to send some to me.

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