Yes, my life is in transition. I am now getting used to life as a widow. What will this bring? Time will tell.

Monday, November 3, 2008

For My Mom

My mom called a day or two ago with the news that her home had been robbed. She had walked up to the store and when she came back she discovered the break in. We have decided it must have been girls that did it. Other than mom's jewelry, four $20 bills and debit card, they took two blouses and a brand new bottle of Chanel #5. Would a guy even think about taking those things? They also went through the bathroom cupboards, but, she fooled them. She doesn't have anything stronger than aspirin. She called the bank to cancel the debit card and then called the police. The police arrived right away. They talked to the neighbors but no one noticed anything.

I called her on Sunday to see how she was doing. She is OK. But, one other disappointment. She just discovered that her mother's engagement ring is also missing. It was in a trunk at the foot of her bed. She doesn't have diamonds, or such, but she's had some of those pieces of jewelry since she was a girl. She feels very bad that it is gone.

So, I made this card to send to her. Enclosed will be this picture of the Halloween pumpkins that Susan and Will carved. Mom will get a good giggle out of the one with the wig. Susan and Will out do themselves with Halloween decor. I'm waiting for pictures of this year's display.

Mom is going to send me rooted cuttings of the Hollyhock from Russia. She told me that it is smaller than most hollyhocks and has a pretty buttercup yellow bloom. I can hardly wait for them to arrive. She might also send some seeds. If there are enough, I'm going to share with my son and daughter. They are both quite the gardeners. Gee, a Hollyhock from Russia. Terrific!

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