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Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Old Project and a New Reminder

We'll do the reminder first.

Voting in the Annual Christmas Card contest at Stampndaly ends Nov 30th. Please stop in and vote for the cards of your choice.

A while back, I bought a baggie of Parfum bottles at a yard sale. This is only a few of the original purchase. They turned out to be full, so, I went through and tried all the scents and saved 6 of them to use. This is the rest to be used in crafting. My inspiration was a picture that I saw in an Altered Arts magazine. I can't find the pix, but, it was a small painted box filled with small bottles arranged in a random pattern. Mixed in were small pieces of art. The art, bottles and box had all been distressed or altered in some way. I really liked it.

When I saw the parfum bottles the box of bottles came to mind. They will be perfect. Except, I just can't get it right. I've painted and distressed a cigar box and arranged the bottles and art and looked at it. There it stopped. I just haven't come up with anything that I like.

But I did come up with this. I used the back of an old picture frame and covered it with discolored ivory lace from an old blouse. There is a layer of sheer rust ribbon. The ribbon gather at the top is held on by an old ivory pin distressed in gold. The gold distressed bottles are adhered to the ribbon and a gold filigree oval and a pearl have been glued to each bottle. I used an ivory blade from an old fan, distressed with gold and glued on an old ivory rose shaped earring. The dangle at the bottom of the fan blade is also an old earring. It is finished with gold florist glass rounds.

Did you notice a theme? Old. Everything old is new again. Someday this will hang in my old redecorated bathroom.

My bottle box is still waiting to be finished. Someday!


Audrey said...

Very nice Jeanette, you are very very creative. I need to find someof that creativity!

John said...

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