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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gathering Leaves

Do you remember that picture I posted of the beautiful golden leaves on our Hickory tree. Well they are all over the ground now. For the last couple of days we've been leaf blowing, raking and bagging leaves. It's funny, they aren't quite so nice now.

Lorne came up with this system. So far it is the easiest one that we've tried. He blows the leaves into a pile, scoops them up with 2 rakes and dumps them into the bag that is clamped to this table with a hole in the top. Then I come along and remove the bag, tie the top and carry to the curb. Yesterday the Pick Up Service picked up 6 bags and today we have 6 more bags waiting to be picked up.

I raked my 20' x 12' front garden bed. From just that small area I got 2 huge piles ready to be bagged.

We've finished with one side of the house and all of the back is finished. After most of the leaves are bagged Lorne then goes over the lawn with the mulcher. This is left to nourish our sandy soil. So, we only have another side yard and the small front area left to do. Lorne is going to bag some of the mulch so I can spread it on my garden bed. Oh fresh air and exercise!

Enjoy your day.

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