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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Morning

I think Sunday morning is my favorite morning of the week. I look forward to having a nice hot cup of coffee and reading the Sunday paper.

I always read the paper in my favorite big comfy chair right next to the living room window. It is the perfect spot to watch all of the critters that visit my front porch everyday. Also, I am able to enjoy the seasonal changes of our huge beautiful (but very messy) Hickory tree.

This is what I see this morning. The sun is glimmering through the lovely yellow foliage.

The paper, The Myrtle Beach Sun News, has 2 articles that refer to our town of Murrells Inlet. The first article outlines how Murrells Inet "keeps 1 eye on its future, 1 eye on its past. The town is pretty strict on development here. There aren't any "big box" stores near the marsh or ocean. Along Old Hwy 17 there are very nice seafood places, boat launch, churches and live oaks decorated with Spanish moss. We also have a marsh walk where you can view the abundant wildlife. You can take the bike path all the way to Pawlys Island, 5 miles South, which also takes you through Hungtington Beach State Park.

The 2nd article is about "Inlet woman in magazine". The December issue of the Southern Living The article, covering 3 pages in a special SC section, shows how Jennifer Averette turns trash found from beachcombing into jewelry. I can hardly wait until my December issue arrives. Maybe it has already arrived and I just haven't read it yet. I'll have to check.

Have I been redeemed for collecting trash? I sure hope so!

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