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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Swap-ity Doo Duh!

That's right Duh.

I've joined a swap on Rubberstampchat where you can use any media that you want and create a tag. Oh, yes, there is one "must use" for the tags. Color. Our hostess has chosen black, white, gray and then we add a color of our own. Sounds easy enough. But, the gray was a problem. I'm not a gray sort of person.

Out comes the paper. Black, OK. White, OK, Gray, uhmmm. Pink? No, Red. It's almost Valentine's Day I'll use that as my theme. I need a pattern in there somewhere. A paper with red and black roses will work. That part is done.

I found this old picture that I call "Mom and Me, 1940". Yep, that's really my mom holding me on her lap. I copied the original photo in black and white. The original is so small that I actually had to enlarge it. Used the gray paper for my heart stamp (Cowtown Stamps) and brightened it up with red. The punched hearts are from the rose paper. Not much of the pattern shows up but it didn't work as a panel.

I tried everything together. Not quite right yet. Out came a swirl stamp (unknown). Better. So there we go. I'm all ready to assemble 9 more of them.

Next month - Electric blue, sage green, chocolate brown. As Scarlett would say "I'll worry about that tomorrow".

Links to Rubberstampchat and Cowtown Stamps are in the margin.


Denise Clark said...

Jeanette, this is SO creative! Love it, especially the photo! Great card!

Janine said...

Lovely job!!!

Vicki (basement stamper) said...

How cute is this!! I love your hearts on the tags!! I love doing swaps!! Maybe we CowTown girls should do one!! :) FUN!!

Vicki (basement stamper) said...

Sorry, I also wanted to say that I hope you have a really wonderful New Year friend!! :)

Shirley said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, wishing you a blessed new year