Yes, my life is in transition. I am now getting used to life as a widow. What will this bring? Time will tell.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Swap-ity Doo Duh!

That's right Duh.

I've joined a swap on Rubberstampchat where you can use any media that you want and create a tag. Oh, yes, there is one "must use" for the tags. Color. Our hostess has chosen black, white, gray and then we add a color of our own. Sounds easy enough. But, the gray was a problem. I'm not a gray sort of person.

Out comes the paper. Black, OK. White, OK, Gray, uhmmm. Pink? No, Red. It's almost Valentine's Day I'll use that as my theme. I need a pattern in there somewhere. A paper with red and black roses will work. That part is done.

I found this old picture that I call "Mom and Me, 1940". Yep, that's really my mom holding me on her lap. I copied the original photo in black and white. The original is so small that I actually had to enlarge it. Used the gray paper for my heart stamp (Cowtown Stamps) and brightened it up with red. The punched hearts are from the rose paper. Not much of the pattern shows up but it didn't work as a panel.

I tried everything together. Not quite right yet. Out came a swirl stamp (unknown). Better. So there we go. I'm all ready to assemble 9 more of them.

Next month - Electric blue, sage green, chocolate brown. As Scarlett would say "I'll worry about that tomorrow".

Links to Rubberstampchat and Cowtown Stamps are in the margin.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Monday!

It's a rainy Monday here in Murrells Inlet. That's OK tho, my garden needed a good watering.

Inside where it is dry, I am working on Valentine's Day cards. I signed up for several swaps and the predominant theme is Valentine. So I'll be making Valentine inchies, ATCs and cards. Here is one from the first group I'm working on.

On the red heart shaped card I layered on a heart stamp image from Cowtown Stamps trimmed with a piece of lace. Layered on the heart stamp image is a clip art bird, ribbon rose and feather. I used a crystal here and there for sparkle.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Cards

I received many beautiful Christmas cards from by Stamping Friends. I've made an album of these great cards on my Flickr (click on link on the left).

This card is from Julie. I think the colors are great. And, the polar bear is in the cutest pose. Thanks Julie this made me smile.

Be sure to see the album and enjoy.

You might also like to explore the forums that I belong to. They are: Rubberstampchat, Card Maker, Making Greeting Cards and Paper Craft Planet. I've met so many nice interesting people on these forums.

It is so nice to share.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Design Team Newbie

I recently was included in the Design Team of Cowtown Stamps . The rest of the team is Laurel, store owner; Denise, Stamping Vacation; Vickie, Stamped Smiles; and now me.

Laurel sent her first batch of stamps to have cards designed. What fun I'm having doing this.

The first stamp that I chose to work with is "small sunflower" #2012. I created this card using pumpkin card stock and trimming the front page about an inch. Next, stamping the image, embossing with glitter orange and coloring in with gold watercolor pencil . I cut it out and then cut the image again into quarters. It is layered on to a light green panel and fixed to the base card. The inside page is layered with a 1 1/4" strip of designer paper. And, adorned with a green plaid bow and an orange button for the flower center.

My second card using the "small sunflower" is on gold card stock computer printed with clip art of a clock face. This is then stamped over with a small tile in green. The sunflower is stamped several times and colored with shades of gold to orange colored pencil. Two images are used in the face of clock layered upon each other. I used small leaves for the hands of the clock. The rest of the images are cut in half and placed on to the card. I also sculpted some petals of each flower. It's finished with a sentiment strip made on the computer.

There, finished and submitted.

These stamps can be purchased at Cowtown Stamps using the link above. Laurel ships to Canada and around the world.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

A Christmas greeting from me to you.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Monday!

It might not be so happy for Lorne and me. Today is clean the house day. We just can't put it off any longer, darn. I'd much rather be doing something fun. But, there's always tomorrow and I'll do something fun then.

Think about me pushing the vacuum cleaner around the house.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas ATC Swap

This was the first ATC swap that I signed up for on Rubberstampchat. It was fun to do. But, the best part was opening my envelope full of creative ATCs and looking through them. In fact, I've looked at them several times. They will be placed neatly in a binder

and labeled for safe keeping. I'm putting them in a big binder because I plan to have many Inchies, ATCs and Cards in my Swap Collection.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Collage

I will be sending this card to Stamping Vacation for her color challenge. The colors are Burgundy, Mustard and Ivory.

I didn't have any mustard colored paper so I direct to paper swiped mustard yellow on some yellow paper. The ivory is the pattern piece. All of the colors are present in the magazine picture cut out. Which is from an ad for broomstick fabric. Do you remember wearing those crinkle skirts? The embellishments are a burgundy feather in her hat and gold crystals.

This card is #2 of 5 that will be sent to Cardmaker Magazine for the Bold and Brilliant project.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Collage: "an art form made up of scraps of paper and other odds and ends pasted down", Webster's New Dictionary compact edition.

I found the article "Readers Reach Out" in the January 2009 edition of Cardmaker magazine. This months theme is Bold & Brilliant and our hand made cards will be donated to City Light Home Bold and Brilliant for Women and Children, a women's shelter and recovery program, Boise, Idaho.

This bird collage card is the first of 5 that I will be sending to Cardmaker as my donation. I made this card using a red base card and a scrape of beige paper. The bird, branch, flowers and gold squares are all pictures cut from magazines. I have another collage card in progress. It just needs that finishing detail. Which I haven't hit upon yet. If I look at it long enough, something will eventually come to me.

I enjoy collage. I enjoy making cards and donating them to good causes. I enjoy my life.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gathering Leaves

Do you remember that picture I posted of the beautiful golden leaves on our Hickory tree. Well they are all over the ground now. For the last couple of days we've been leaf blowing, raking and bagging leaves. It's funny, they aren't quite so nice now.

Lorne came up with this system. So far it is the easiest one that we've tried. He blows the leaves into a pile, scoops them up with 2 rakes and dumps them into the bag that is clamped to this table with a hole in the top. Then I come along and remove the bag, tie the top and carry to the curb. Yesterday the Pick Up Service picked up 6 bags and today we have 6 more bags waiting to be picked up.

I raked my 20' x 12' front garden bed. From just that small area I got 2 huge piles ready to be bagged.

We've finished with one side of the house and all of the back is finished. After most of the leaves are bagged Lorne then goes over the lawn with the mulcher. This is left to nourish our sandy soil. So, we only have another side yard and the small front area left to do. Lorne is going to bag some of the mulch so I can spread it on my garden bed. Oh fresh air and exercise!

Enjoy your day.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a Note

I just returned from the P.O. after getting the last of my Christmas cards mailed. The place was a mad house. And they also just shortened their hours of operation here. Is it that way everywhere? I have a couple of completed swaps ready to mail but I'm waiting until after the holidays.

I did chat with a couple of other ladies in line. That was a very nice way to pass the time. And, when I finally made it up to the counter I noticed they had all windows in operation. That was nice, too.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


It doesn't get more simple than this. One stamp, black ink, lt. brown card stock. Done!

The stamp is from PSX. I just read they are no longer making stamps any more. I found this one while we were traveling in our rv along the California coast. The small store, Paws on Main Street, is in Cambria, CA. A small quaint town near Hearst Castle. We strolled along the main street poking our heads into all of the shops. More than my head went in to this one. I can't resist a stamp store, just ask my husband. It was tiny but very well stocked. I picked this stamp because we were touring the beach areas of CA. I'm glad that I did. We have these darling little Plovers scurrying around here in SC on our beachs. I get lots of use out of this stamp. This stamp brings back many happy memories of that trip.

I just posted 3 new albums on Flickr. My postcard that will be on display at the Artlink Gallery in Indiana in response to their call for mailart, some craft projects and an album titled "I Like Red". Enjoy.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I have a drawer full of stickers that I hardly ever use. I collect packs of them and then promptly forget that I have them. I looked through my collection and the first thing that came to mind was a field of wildflowers. During our travels in the rv I've seen many fields of wildflowers along side of the road. Beautiful. I think my representation is more "cute" than "beautiful".

It was simple to create. Torn blue and green papers layered on to a yellow base card. Multiple stampings of a tree stamp from Cowtown Stamps and a bird stamp, unknown origin. A little highlighting with colored pencils and random placement of flower stickers.

The stickers are really nail art that I got at the Dollar Store.
I first saw that on Audrey's Cards by Design blog. She is my stamping friend that is living in Mexico. Be sure to visit her blog and check out her Christmas cards using embossing paste and glitter, really nice. Currently she has posted a lovely card done with chalk and stencils.

While digging through the stickers, I found several packs of Valentine stickers. I'm going to use them in my Valentine Card project for Cards 4 Kids. The hospital wants to collect at least 250 cards for the children to exchange. I am going to send 25 cards.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Birds of a Feather

Bluebird Tree of Happiness. This is the finished card that I have been working on for several days. This is a swap card that is on its way to Kuwait. My partner in the swap lives in a Diplomatic Enclave there. Her father is a Diplomat from India.

The theme of the swap was "tree". Somehow, I got it in my head to make a bird tree using my favorite bird stamps. This plate of stamps is from gg designs.
This is one design I had a hard time putting down on paper. Remember that terrible example I posted the other day. The problem turned out to be the paper. When I stamped the "tree" on vellum, it all started coming together. I like the look of blues and browns together. I've been seeing a lot of that color combination lately.

Birds of a Feather. I did the background by blending chalks to represent earth and sky. I used hairspray as a fixative. Works for me and it doesn't smell awful. I don't have a branch stamp. I played around on scratch paper until I could paint a branch. Crossing my fingers, I painted one on to the background with watercolor marker and a tiny paint brush. I used 3 graduated sizes of the bird stamps and stamped them sitting on the branch. This was torn and layered on a lavender panel, then on to the base card of brown. I like this color combo, too. It still needed something. A feather, but, all I have is white. Water coloring the feather worked. There finished.

I've used my bird stamps several times but I haven't used the larger sizes yet. I'll have to come up with something.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'd like you to meet........

Tindaloo, Hilde, from Norway. I met her through Rubberstampchat. I love this playful picture of her.
I visited her gallery of cards and I'm very impressed. She has quite a mix of the usual and unusual. All beautifully done. See her creations here.

I contacted her to tell her how much I enjoyed the ribbon border on this card. She told me it was quite time consuming to do. Don't you think it was worth the effort?

I look forward to future visits with Hilde. Her blog is here. She says "visitors welcome".

I have a new album on Flickr (see link in list) of some of the Christmas cards I sent for Cards for Kids

Monday, December 8, 2008

A Beautiful Card Made by Zora

This is made by my new stamping friend Zora from Trinidad, West Indies. I met her through the Making Greeting Cards forum. You can find pictures of this card and lots more of her cards on her web site. She also does beautiful cards with string art. There you will find the link to her gallery which also has pictures of some paintings that she has done. If you want to read the very interesting and courageous story of her life click on that link also.

The video tutorial for making this pop up flower card is here.

I haven't tried making the pop up flower yet, but, I'm going to very soon.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Morning

I think Sunday morning is my favorite morning of the week. I look forward to having a nice hot cup of coffee and reading the Sunday paper.

I always read the paper in my favorite big comfy chair right next to the living room window. It is the perfect spot to watch all of the critters that visit my front porch everyday. Also, I am able to enjoy the seasonal changes of our huge beautiful (but very messy) Hickory tree.

This is what I see this morning. The sun is glimmering through the lovely yellow foliage.

The paper, The Myrtle Beach Sun News, has 2 articles that refer to our town of Murrells Inlet. The first article outlines how Murrells Inet "keeps 1 eye on its future, 1 eye on its past. The town is pretty strict on development here. There aren't any "big box" stores near the marsh or ocean. Along Old Hwy 17 there are very nice seafood places, boat launch, churches and live oaks decorated with Spanish moss. We also have a marsh walk where you can view the abundant wildlife. You can take the bike path all the way to Pawlys Island, 5 miles South, which also takes you through Hungtington Beach State Park.

The 2nd article is about "Inlet woman in magazine". The December issue of the Southern Living The article, covering 3 pages in a special SC section, shows how Jennifer Averette turns trash found from beachcombing into jewelry. I can hardly wait until my December issue arrives. Maybe it has already arrived and I just haven't read it yet. I'll have to check.

Have I been redeemed for collecting trash? I sure hope so!

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Sketch Challenge

This is the Sketch Challenge from Stamping Vacation.

I like this sketch. I made the card using a gold 5 x 7 base card. The background paper completely covers the front of the card. Next the angled piece which is approximately 4 x 6 is layered on an angle and trimmed to fit. The next layer is cut to 3 x 5 and the top "Let it Snow" layer is 2 1/2 x 3 1/2. All of the papers are from Cosmo Cricket. The embellishment is a gold snowflake.

I like how this turned out. I've seen lots of cards lately that are made from coordinated papers and an embellishment of some kind. I think they have an elegant look. And very simple to do.

Now I'm on my way to send the card to Denise as my card for her sketch challenge. I hope she likes it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Work in Progress

You can see where I'm going with this. You can also see this isn't suitable. So back to the drawing board, as they say. Sometimes I get a design in my head and I just can't translate it to paper. If I play around with it, it will eventually come. Maybe not the original vision but something that I think is nice.

I love this set of bird stamps. They are from gg designs. It is a set of 6 bird stamps in graduated sizes. I've used them several times in other projects. Here I've used 2 of them.

The Santa card I made for my entry in a contest. Darn, it didn't win. Here the Santa and cute little mouse stamps are from Cowtown Stamps and the tree stamps are so old I can't remember where I got them. I've also used layers of torn white paper to represent snow. I love that little trick. It came from Denise at Stamping Vacation (see link below).

Well back to my flock of birds.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Artella Land

It is this web site that I found and I fell in love at first sight.

Come Get Inspired!
Visit Artella inspiring paradise for writers, artists, and creative spirits!

They have a complete community that includes a Vintage Ephemira Market and supplies for paper and digital art. These were the two that first caught my eye since I like to do collage. Another nice thing about this site is that most of the products you can download. Ahh, instant gratification.
Save 55% with the Artella Holiday Gift Gala Super Sale!

So give them a click and check them out.