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Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's back - My Favorite Day of the Week

I'm waiting for my Sunday paper to arrive. Unfortunately, my washing machine bit the big one. So I'll be checking out the appliance ads today. I just want something basic. We don't really do that much laundry with just the two of us.
Today, I'm working on my color challenge tags for the swap at RSC. This one was last months challenge using sage green, electric blue and chocolate brown +1 of my choice and I chose pretty pink. This is my stylistic desert scene. It really is a fun challenge. I really get a kick out of how each of us interpret the colors each month. There has been a lot of discussion on the color "Linen". What color do you think Linen is?

Today the colors I'm working with are strong pink, duck yellow, grass green, +1 which is blue.
Duck yellow and grass green almost led me down the path to something with an Easter theme. But, I went a totally different direction.

We had a nice day in Conway. Lorne got his new shower fittings. What a disappointment for me. Both Scrapbooking stores are closed. One is already a vacant building and the other is having a going out of business sale. But, it was closed and I couldn't do any shopping. These great stores seem to be closing all over the U.S.

We got to Shoney's just as the breakfast buffet was changing over to lunch. So we got to pick from both kinds of dishes. While we were waiting for the lunch dishes to arrive we nibbled on some of our favorite breakfast things. Not being from the South some of the foods here are new to me. Yesterday, I picked what I thought was a pumpkin bread. Yummy! But, it turned out to be sweet potato casserole. Really it was more like a brownie. Just a bit crispy on the edge, some firmness, then chewy in the middle. I even had seconds. I wanted a dollop of whip cream on my seconds but they didn't have whip cream on the lunch buffet. Wierd, it was there at breakfast.


Linda said...

I like your interpretation of the colour challenge - did you hand draw the cactus?

Linen I would class as very pale shade of brown or an off white - a fairly neutral colour.

Pity about the scrapbooking stores - I guess it's partly the financial climate and that so much can now be bought online.

Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

I like the cactus! But then, I like the Southwest look!

Sounds like you had a good time - other than your washing machine shooting craps!

I guess Shoney's feels whipped cream doesn't go with chicken & meatloaf!!!

Vicki (basement stamper) said...

What fun colors!! Love your idea for the challenge! TFS! :)