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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ranger - A Real Sweetie Pie

I'd like you to meet Ranger. This is her in an altered photo for the Simply Skinnies challenge this week. I wanted to keep it simple so I only put her name and a couple of stickers.

I've only met Ranger once in person but my daughter, Susan, posts pictures of her all of the time on her blog Cinnamon Thoughts. This was just posted Sunday. I quickly made Ranger my new desktop picture and made a copy to use for this challenge.

Ranger has had quite a life so far. Susan and Will found Ranger and 4 sisters and brothers abandoned in a card board box along side of the road. The sun was blazing down on these poor little pups. They rescued them and put the little guys in the air conditioned car and gave them water. They were just barely old enough to eat on their own. So home they came. Susan and Will nurtured and loved them and eventually found them all nice homes. Ranger stayed with them. Susan lives in a happy household with her husband, 4 cats, a turtle, Shadow (dog) and sweet Ranger. Shadow is pretty interesting herself. She is quite large and long but she has short little legs. Her tummy is only a few inches off of the ground. She is a very unusual looking dog being long haired and so low to the ground. Aren't pets wonderful?!

Susan and Will do lots of traveling. She has a very nice collection of travel photos in her Flickr.
Take an armchair tour of her travels to some very exciting places sometime. As a fringe benefit of these travels each Christmas we all get a calendar with photos of that years trip. We all look forward to getting one each year. Right now I'm looking at a basket of hot rolls and a small pot of Turkish coffee taken in Quanajuato Mexico last July.

REMODELING UPDATE: Susan's project came to a stop last week. Some changes had to be made due to an engineering report. Anyway, the changes have been made and work has begun again.



Denise Clark said...

Jeanette, Ranger looks so sweet! He's lucky to have found a family who will care for her and her little family too! Love that you kept the focus on Ranger!

Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

What a pretty dog! How fortunate that he was found by your daughter and found love! Will she adopt me? Only kidding!

That was a fabulous idea for a "skinny". Very moving!

mycreativeyear said...

Oh my! What a super sweet little face! Dogs are such beautiful spirits. Your daughter and her husband are true saints for rescuing the bunch and not just shuttling them to the pound.

Janine said...

What a handsome dog!!!

Carole said...

Great piece for the challenge. Thanks for taking part. :-)

Reading stories like this makes me so angry. I don't understand how people can leave defenseless animals out on their own (or hurt them), but it happens.

I'm glad your daughter found the pups. They all had a happy ending.

Linda said...

Ooh Ranger is beautful - don't those eyes just get to you everytime?

Hilde Larsen aka. Tindaloo said...

Awww... so cute! Lucky dog to be found by your daughter :)

Vicki (basement stamper) said...

OMG!! What a sweetie!! I really love your page here!! What a lucky thing to have happened!! It was meant to be!! :)

Cinnamon Thoughts said...

Hey Mom. Just catching up on your site and was pleasantly surprised to see Ranger looking back at me. And thank you to all your visitors for their kind comments. You all are so creative and supportive. Thank you.