Yes, my life is in transition. I am now getting used to life as a widow. What will this bring? Time will tell.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally, I Used my Toile Designer Paper

This is the prettiest paper. I love the soft pink toile design.
In fact, I like it so much that I scanned it and saved a copy. Just
in case I can't find it again. Plus by doing that I can change
the color. Maybe next time it will be a lovely soft green when
I use it.

The theme at Viva La Difference challenge is
Pick 3
Denise at Stamping Vacation gives us a list of 6 items to use
on your challenge card. From that you pick the 3 that you
want to use. I picked use only white and one other color and
I used one button and one bow. But, OOPs, my white is
ivory and the button and bow is only one pick not two. Oh!
where's the bow?
Denise here is my 'use only ONE color and ONE button card.

The latest development at my house is an invasion of ants. Yuk!
They call these tiny ants sweet ants here in SC. But they
are far from sweet. A couple of days ago Lorne had sprayed
all around the exterior of the house. I guess it
chased them all inside. Ever the optimist, I need
to clean house anyway. Lorne will be spraying inside today.
This is our first invasion since we moved in here almost
3 years ago. At that time the previous owner left us ants and a huge flea
invasion. Getting rid of fleas is quite a process but we did it.

!!! DARN !!!
"Holy Crap" as my friend
Stef would say.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Redirecting you to........

Scrapbooking and Crafting Friends blog for today's H20 Creations blog post. TODAY ONLY I've combined two posts on one site. I hope you check out 'This Week with Jeanette' where I've posted a Scrappy Card tutorial, a tip and a link to an interesting place to visit.

I'll see ya there. Remember just for today. Things as usual tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2nd Post of the Day

Blog Candy
is giving this wonderful package away.
It's easy to sign up for this wonderful Blog Candy.
Sign up ends July 31,2009

Good Luck

Welcome to the Family Malcom!!!

Meet Malcom, my newest relative. My brother, Jimmy, just adopted him from shelter. Malcom is his shelter name so I don't know if he'll be keeping it or getting a new one. My brother says
he is a regular gentleman and smart as a whip. The first thing Jimmy did was lead Malcom around the yard and then showed him around inside his new home. Back outside they went and Jimmy let Malcom off his leash. Three laps around the yard and a good roll in the grass and he made himself right at home. Their first outing was to take a swim. There is a very happy dog in Montana.

I made this card to send to my brother and Malcom. I used the sketch at Squigglefly Challenge. The image is from Squigglefly. It is on the sale page for only 99c and you get reward points towards something free. Squigglefly is introducing so many new images for your stamping pleasure. Give digi stamping a try. There are free images for you to use for practice. Try it, you'll like it.

Everything is still unorganized in my craft room. I designed this card on my computer. I went to print it out. OMG! where is my card stock? Oh, there it is, still in the living room. After printing out the card I gave it a quick heat set. My colored pencils were the first coloring item that I found. So guess what I used? The bubble background is from Printmaster. After setting up my background I duplicated the image and cropped out some of the bubbles to make the tabs. I framed the image and the tabs in black. I wish now that I had used something in gray.
The black is a little heavy for the pastel look I was going for.

My apologies for the dark image. It was taken at night in not the best of light. The reason for that scanner is not compatible with my new computer. After I get this post finished Lorne will be installing the drivers that will hopefully cure my compatibility problem. The drivers came from the Canon site. Then I went to download the pics to my computer. I was sent to to use my regular software. What it isn't there! I mean it's there but this darn computer won't let me use it. Another tweak for Lorne. I don't know what I'd do without my live in computer guru.

I was stymied for a minute or two but then I had an idea. I gave the camera to Lorne to open in his computer. Then he emailed them to me. Waallaaa, problem solved for now.

A bit of new computer frustration set in last night but today is a bright new day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I've Gone to the Dogs

This is Marty from DogGoneStamps. Isn't he sweet? This is a card that I made for a swap at Rubberstampchat using the theme Dog Days. Marty is stamped on watercolor paper with waterproof ink and then watercolored using my markers. My watercolor technique is to touch a damp brush to my marker. I've seen other ways of doing watercolor to get better shading. It always looks so easy but I'm still practicing. Someday I'll be good enough to share.

Yesterday I posted the 2nd Quickie Contest make "INCHIES" at USE YOUR PAPER SCRAPS.
The contest is open until 11:59 p.m., Monday, August 3rd. You are invited to come and join in the contest.

My new computer is all set up, in fact, I'm using it right now. It is so NICE. I love the touch on the new keyboard. My fingers just fly. Now if they just learned to spell. I'm still getting it organized but that is almost finished. My Photoshop Elements is there. A DT challenge image is waiting for me to figure out how to use the program.

My craft room, now thats a different story. It is an absolute mess. Part of it is stacked around the living and dining rooms. I decided to rearrange while the computer was being set up. So far
I like the new arrangement. I don't know how much designing I'm going to be able do for a few days.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday at MyGrafico

!!! This set could by yours !!!

Celebration Theme Sketch Challenge

To make this card I chose the Gift Bag from the above set. I colored the bags
using my gold and copper glimmer chalks. Added some curly ribbon and
layered with a pop dot. The circle sentiment is from Squigglefly. I added
the Happy Birthday in the center. The background paper is from
my mat stack and the embossing on it is in a coppery color. This
scan does not do it justice. It is quite pretty in person.

#16 Christmas in July

For some reason a face just popped out at me. I decided it would be
perfect for the Digi Tues challenge just by adding a Santa hat.
The google eyes were an after thought. The hat is trimmed with cotton.
I layered with pop dots onto Christmas designer paper and then onto
a red base card. The Santa sentiment is cut from another piece
of this Christmas collection of papers.

While you are visiting the challenge site to play along this week,
be sure to look at the designers sample cards. They are spectacular
again this week. And, get your two new !!! FREEBIES !!!

YAY! My new computer gets set up TODAY.
I have also decided to rearrange everything in my craft room.
Yesterday everything got moved to new spots and thoroughly
cleaned. Lorne gave me two of his wood stackable storage units
to add to the ones that I already had. This change also made
more wall space for more shelving. Lorne says it's about
time that I spend some money on my hobby. So he
is going to take me shopping. Wow, what a guy!!!
It's gonna be awfully nice in here. But right now
everything is sort of a mess. A benefit of moving things around
has been that I created a nice bright photo area near the window.
I have a little tripod and everything.

Busy Busy Busy

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Soartful Challenge

This is your inspiration photo for this weeks

Mask Challenge

I really had fun doing this challenge. The colorful mask is from my
Printmaster clip art. I did fiddle a bit with this image in the
photo editor in Printmaster. I wanted to lighten the picture a bit but
not alter the colors to much. If you want to see photo editing and
wonderful inspiration using this photo go to Soartful and in the sidebar are
all of the entries so far. Wonderful. June tipped me off to
her other challenge Art on the Darkside. She said I should post this
there also, so I did.
See what I have to look forward to when my new computer
complete with Photoshop Elements ever gets set up in my craft room.
Hubby is feeling pretty good now. Uhm? Maybe a nudge is needed.

Lorne and I went for Seniors Day on the Big M Casino Cruise on Friday afternoon. Our temps were to be in the low 90s. A perfect day to enjoy the ocean. I was hoping to see a whale or dolphins but we didn't. We didn't even see a bird. I didn't do any gambling and Lorne did very little. After living in Reno this was sort of tame. It was kind of fun to hear all of the sounds of a casino in action again tho. We had a very nice buffet lunch sitting at a table with a great ocean view. The food wasn't bad at all. I spent most of the afternoon up on the top deck enjoying the breeze, doing some people watching and even getting in a short nap. A very relaxing way to spend the afternoon. I really enjoy the sea air and lovely blue-green of the water. Ahhhhhh!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just a Small Post Today

Three Inchies for Inchy x Inch Circle Challenge. We could use square or round inchies so I made each kind. The circle/swirl pattern is from ArtFreebies. I'm going to have to go back there for
another visit. She has revamped her blogs. The diamond is from my computer and I used Crystal Lacquer from SU and crystal glitter to give them some sparkle. A card maker has to have a bit of sparkle now and then.

See I told you this would be a small post today.

I do have one link to share. This is for everyone thinking of making calendars for Christmas gifts. It is never too early to start on our Christmas projects. Rubber Stamp a CD case calendar at

Friday, July 24, 2009

Timbo at Hambo

I was first introduced to Timbo when he join the RubberStampChat Forum. I remember that
we both became involved in a discussion about digital stamps. That was a pretty lively discussion with everyone giving their opinions on rubber vs digi. Personally, I think there is room for both. I love rubber stamping but I also love working with digi stamps. And, they can
be a very nice compliment to each other.

Timbo does all of the artwork for Hambo Stamps and Hambo Digital Images. His stamps encompass everything from the ordinary to the unusual.

Right now the Talk to the Ham blog is hosting a contest using this Shellphone Pig free digi image. The image is printed out on watercolor paper. My original intention was to color with watercolors. I decided since, to me, it is a cartoon image that I would just color with bright colored permanent markers by Bic and Sharpie. A note here - this is printed on inexpensive watercolor paper. I don't recommend that at all. See the rough texture? I don't like it. The chipboard swirls are painted blue to suggest waves. The shells are from my junk jewelry stash and colored orange with Bic marker.

This little piggy speaks 'pig latin'. My gosh, I had to go to the computer and find a translater page for pig latin. I had forgotten how to speak it. That was the only second language that I new and now here I've forgotten it. Is this a dead language or am I just showing my age?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

They Always Return

Painting by Gail Salituri

I've been wanting to use this Swallow Stamp
Finally, something presented itself that it would be perfect.
For the Birds Challenge

I used the theme of swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano as my
inspiration for this card. The swallow and border are by Inque Stamps.
The floral layer is clip art from Dover Publications . It isn't bouginvilla but it
will have to do. The rest of the layers are in sage green and lavender
and I distressed the edges with my scissors. I love the
soft look of this card.
I spent several years in Los Angeles. At that time I was
married to a man that loved to explore. We spent many
a pleasant hour behaving like tourists in our own area. San
Juan Capistrano is one of the many places that we visited.
I really did see wonderful things while I was living in
the LA area. My daughter, Susan, and her husband, Will,
live in the Silverlake District of LA and they constantly
take advantage of what LA and the surrounding area
has to offer. I always enjoy visiting Susan. She always
has a wonderful adventure planned for us.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Late, I'm Late for a Very Important Date.....

But it isn't even 3 a.m. what on earth could you
be late for?, you ask.
The 24 hr CROP HOP started at Midnight.

This will be my first Crop and I will be posting this challenge
Make a FAN
using your Scraps
There is also a very nice prize for the winner of my challenge.
You can see it here.

This is what we will be making for the challenge
All instructions and templates are available at the crop.

I just had a Fan Challenge on the USE YOU PAPER SCRAPS Group
and Juana had the winning Fan.

Isn't it beautiful. Juana made this fan using party favors from
a party that she attended and scraps from her stash.

Join in.....Have 24 hrs of FUN!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm Pretty Sporty this A.M.

Challenge Theme 'Sports'

I might by sporty looking sometimes but I'm not the
sporty type at all. I remember the first football game
that I went to in high school. I didn't have a clue as to
what I was watching. That was the last football game that
I saw until I was in my 30s. My girlfriend in LA had
tickets to one of those meet at the bar, drink have breakfast,
get on the bus, drink, drive to the Coliseum, drink, watch the
LA Rams (I think). I still didn't know what I was watching but
I sure had a good time. Maybe it was the free drinks. The
thing that I remember most was seeing the actor Robert Conrad.
Remember Hawaiian Eye and Wild Wild West.
WOW, WHAT A HUNK!!! Although very short, muscles
were filling out his white T-shirt very nicely and he had the
most beautiful golden tan.
I haven't been to a football game since.

This is the paper that I used as a background for this card. Way too bright
for me. I toned it down a bit on the computer by using a light gray.
Now I like that color much better. I distressed the edges with
my scissors and layered with shades of green. The golf bag stamp is
from DogGoneStamps. I did the coloring with colored pencils.
This isn't your typical sporty color theme but I sure like how
it looks. I bet Robert Conrad would, too.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tea in the Garden with MyGrafico

MyGrafico Challenge #10
Brown and Teal

Play along in Challenge #10 with us. You might win
this Garden Elements Digi Stamp set from MyGrafico.
The DT has several examples using some of these stamps.
Check them out.

This is a twinchie for
Theme "Freedom"
My flowers originally were for the MyGrafico challenge but
that concept just wasn't working. So, with a bit of help from me,
they became a Twinchie titled 'Freedom to Grow'.

Time for Tea
being sponsored by MyGrafico.
This time they sent us this really fun
I just couldn't stop.

This bookmark is also for Dare U 2 Digi Stamp
Theme "Anything but a Card"

See, told you I couldn't stop.
I'm helpless around kitties especially ones that
are as cute as these.

Purple Pram

A few days ago I was watching the
original Antiques Roadshow from England.
The show itself will be an antique soon. It has
been on forever in England. And, now we
have our own version of the Antiques Roadshow.
I am a fan of both shows but the original is my favorite.
Where else can you get a mini travelogue and see
some wonderful antiques all at the same time.
On this particular show a woman had a collection
of 'prams'. They were so elegant and beautiful.

This is my 'pram'.
Gender Neutral Baby Card using Purple

This pram is from the Squigglefly Baby Set.
It is printed on watercolor paper and painted with watercolors.

Squigglefly has a wonderful collection of Digi Stamps. They have
added lots of new images. They now have what I call "art stamps".
Make a purchase and add to your REWARDS program.
Purchase from the animal categorey and you will help support the ASPCA.
New FREEBIES have been added, too.

I'll see you at Squigglefly doing a little shopping.

1st of 2 posts today.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Isn't that how the saying goes?
I've been on a real apple kick lately. I have one
everyday, usually at lunch time. My favorites are
Cameo, Pink Lady, Gala and Fuji.
Also, on my favorite fruit list is South Carolina peaches.
I buy them at a local produce stand. They are a summer
treat for me.

Challenge #4 is 'ABC' only it has an
unusual twist. See the challenge blog for the details.

I really didn't have a clue as how to handle this challenge. Then I thought
of this. I think it is close enough to the ABC theme to qualify. The designer
paper is a freebie from TAC Stamps. The apple is clip art from my Printmaster.
The gold apple charm is from a school themed link bracelet. One of my
nifty thrify garage sale finds.
Pop in and play along.

Speaking of bargains. I went to my local Michaels store yesterday. I needed
blades for my Fiskars cutter. While I was browsing, I noticed quite a
difference in the stock at the store. Not so much in the scrapping and
stamping area but on the other side of the store. There were
two full aisles of Bargain Buys $5 and under, mostly under.
I got some pretty neat stuff to use. I also noticed lots of items
on sale. They seem to be transitioning to fall and winter items.
Now might be a pretty good time to visit your local Michaels.

You've heard me talk about my new USE YOUR PAPER SCRAPS group at
This morning I posted a SWAP.
I call it the "I'd Like to Get to Know You" swap. It's
an ongoing swap. You sign up, I get in touch with you
and give you my address, you send me a card with a bit about
you and your stamping and I'll send a card back to you.
!!! I hope you SIGN UP, I'd really like to get to know you !!!

I think I'll take a blogging day off tomorrow.
See you Monday.

Friday, July 17, 2009

T. G. I. F.

T.G.I.F. doesn't matter that much to me
since I've been retired. In fact, most of the time
I don't even know what day it is.
I just get lost in the pleasures of each day.
But, Happy T.G.I.F to all that need one.

Remember this?

Now it is this...

"I sliced, I diced, I arranged, I re-arranged....again and again and again. Went back to the tutorial. Re-arranged again but used pop dots between layers this time. It's now starting to come together. It still needs something. Edged with silver metallic marker. It still needs more. I took a couple of layers off and added silver sparkly thread. Ahhhh, we're getting there. It is looking sort of Americana to me so I grab my small star punch and punch a few stars. The center star is layered with a tiny square of foam tape and the others are just glued in place. My little bit of "Americana" is finally finished."

That is an excerpt from the email that I sent to Charlotte at ggdesigns.
And, the above is what I sent to her for her challenge. I was determined
to do 2 projects using this technique but using the tiles was really
giving me problems. Then I had a thought "this looks Americana to me".
From then on it was clear sailing because I now had
a creative path to follow.. My folk artish Americana project is finished.


Treehouse Stamps is having a drawing for FREE COPICS.
And, they are having a huge sale with a coupon for an additional 10% off.

Crafty Goings On Drawing for a 72 piece set.

And, have you seen these? Spica Glitter Pens from COPIC.
7 Kids College Fund Stamp Store for details.

The BEST PLACE TO BUY COPICS according to this
reviewer, HERE

Good Luck

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Viva La Difference with Paper Piecing

Denise's Stamping Vacation
The challenge this week is use Gingham, Orange, Brown & White

I guess this is more plaid than gingham but I don't have much
in my gingham department. For the brown I used SU Choclate Chip, yummy,
a white panel under the gingham and orange and brown letters
on white squares. The buttons are brown metal and they have
the word Farah printed on them. I also added a thin strip of
white ribbon. Maybe I should have used the brown.

Now the Paper Piecing
has Challenge #2 "Paper Piecing" posted.
You have until July 31 to play.

Flutterby Challenge #66
Pink, Brown and a Fairy or Butterfly

I got this idea from Teresa. She came up with this theme for
the swap that I'm in. Thank you Teresa.
I had so much fun piecing my scraps of paper and I was
so pleased with the outcome, I decided to use this
theme for the Groups' Challenge #2.
So Paper Piecing it is. It is fun and easy.
I stamped my tulip image, Canadian Maple Collections, twice. Once on
pink and once on a scrap of designer paper. I cut the pink panel to
size and cut out the tulip blossoms on the designer paper.
I glued them in place. Ooh, I like that. So, I decided
to piece the birds also. I still had enough scrap paper to cut out
a blossom to layer under the pink panel. Pink polka dot ribbon
and a pink and brown butterfly finish my card.

For more info and links about Paper Piecing visit
Use Your Paper Scraps at the link above.
I'd like to have you join us.

See the winner of the "Fan" challenge there also.
I am impressed with the beautiful fans that were submitted.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Hip to be Square

The challenge this week is "Summer"

This summer I'm just going to be "Hangin' Out" and since
I live near the beach I used that as my subject.
The stamps that I used, or parts of, are by Delta Creative from
the sale bin at Michaels. My background paper is supposed
to make you think of the ocean.
The sample posted for the "Summer" challenge is fantastic.
Stop in and give it a look.
This is a fun challenge site. The One Powerful Hour stands
for completing the challenge in one hour start to finish. And finish
includes clean up. It's fun. Try it
sometime. A new challenge is posted every Thursday.

Lot's of gg design tile stamps all cut into squares.
This is the project that I'm working on right now. I stamped the
tiles yesterday and cut them all out this morning.
Some of these will be getting cut into smaller pieces.
The Slice & Dice challenge at ggdesigns is to
make a completely new design from a stamp or stamps
that you have in your collection. It is amazing what has already been
submitted. I had so much fun with my first one
using ggdesigns Gecko stamp that I'm trying another
in a different style.
Uhm!? I wonder what the finished design will look like?
I'll let you know when it's finished.

My Gecko Flower.

This challenge ends at ggdesigns on July 31st.
There's still time to play at being a cut up.
Be sure to visit and see the different creations
already submitted. Be sure to scroll down
to Ida's entry. It's a real puzzle.

You have until 11:59 p.m. tonight to enter my
Fan Challenge at USE YOUR PAPER SCRAPS group.
I will be posting the winner tomorrow and announcing
the theme for Challenge #2.
Please drop in and join the group in using
your paper scraps in a creative way.

Thursday is also the day that I post
"This Week with Jeanette"

Don't let the "scrapbooking" in the title throw you off.
We have paper artists and crafters of all types participating in the

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2nd Post of the Day

Calling all fans of using digi images.

My Grafico Challenge Blog has openings for three
new design team members.
If you want to create with very nice people and use
really nice products.....

All details HERE.

The Card That Just Kept Going and Going and Going

Was I ever going to be satisfied with it.

I have cards for two challenges this morning.

Let's do Squigglefly Challenge #10 "Use an oval, a square, glitter and ribbon".

This is the card that I mentioned that just never seem to be complete.
I added, I rearranged, I eliminated. I couldn't even decide on what colors to
use. This is how it finally came out. I started with a white base card and a
white oval. The Squigglefly image is "Side by Side".
I watercolored the image and added a lite smear of watercolor to the oval.
The square is a chipboard frame that has been all colored, glittered and
ribboned. I used a scrap of designer paper to match. There, all
of the elements are covered. But it just isn't doing it for me.
I finally found something that made me happy. Flowers to match the couples shirts.
So there Lorne and I go for a nice stroll.

Now, the ABC Challenge is "V for Vellum".
I love vellum. It can be difficult to work with at times,
but I just love the look of it. The V is a monogram image
from my Printmaster printed on vellum. I finally had to
print on economy print so it wouldn't smear while going
through the printer. I used a piece of chipboard colored green. I've
been using my Bic Mark It permanent ink markers to color the
chipboard. I'm getting a much better result than with watercolor. A
hand drawn V lined with pearls and a few pearls to help anchor the vellum
finishes off the card. This is the first time I've used the half pearls. Love um!

Tomorrow the 15th is the last day to send a Fan for Challenge #1
at Use Your Paper Scraps on Scrapbooking and Crafting Friends.
I am so pleased with the increase in membership and the participation
that has been going on in the group. I just announced the
winner of our 1st Quickie Contest. Her prize will be
going out in the mail today.
Congratulations Carol!
I hope I see you there enjoying the fun.

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's a MyGrafico Monday

We are having "Fruity Fun" at MyGrafico Challenges this week. For this challenge the designers used images from the "Yummy Fruits Stamp Set" by Kelly Medina. This Yummy Fruits Stamp Set is also our challenge prize for this week.

I picked the strawberry to use this week. This is a 6 x 6 inch layout using a picture of my husband Lorne. He is a "yummy" guy and "very sweet". He is my "Pick of the Day" every day.

The green background paper is from the Drive Me Crazy Mini Kit. The basket of strawberries
is from my Printmaster program and I also computer generated the sentiments there. I inserted Lorne's pic and added the strawberries.

This is a card that I made for 2 challenges using my strawberry image.
Digital Tuesday Challenges #14 SWEET Birthdays and for Dare U 2 Digi Stamp challenge #15
Pink, Black and White. I customized a piece of white card stock by using my faithful Printmaster program and added a panel of color in shaded pinks. I added the cake from Wedding Elements Stamp Set and the candle is from Printmaster.

See how versitle this little strawberry turns out to be. It was so easy to resize and add as a yummy trim to my wedding cake, aka, birthday cake. I love the red against the soft pink. I thought about adding a shear ribbon but decided not to. The corners of the card were rounded to match the contours of the birthday cake.

I think digi can be so much fun. In a flash using 3 unrelated MyGrafico sets I designed two
completely different pieces.

I hope you join us in the Yummy Fruits Challenge. You don't have to use a MyGrafico image to join in the fun. But there is a sale here with up to 50% off and tons of freebies here. If you can't find what you want there click here.

This contest is going on now until July 22nd for members of the MyGrafico Community.

See all of the fun just waiting for you at

Sunday, July 12, 2009

You Never Know Where You Will Find Inspiration

I certainly wouldn't expect to find inspiration for a card in a hospital parking lot. But, that is where this idea originated. Well, maybe Denise had something to do with it at Stamping Vacation. The theme for this weeks Viva La Difference Challenge is "The Chase is On".

While I was waiting in the car for Lorne to be discharged from his last ER visit, I sat in the car. I was royally entertained by a Mockingbird chasing a Crow around the parking lot. The Crow was sitting on a light standard and out of nowhere here comes the Mockingbird screeching and diving at the Crow. The Crow flew to the tree with Mockingbird hot on his tail feathers. Screeching and carrying on something fierce. The chase continued from one spot to the next the whole time that
I was waiting. Those Mockingbirds are sure fiesty birds.

I began this card with some white card stock. I stamped the tree and bird, Inka Stamps, and the crow, 3rd Coast Stamps, in black permanent ink. I did the background with chalks. After fixing the chalk with a squirt or two of hairspray, I colored in the tree with markers. The mockingbird is touched up with brown and some white gel pen.

Singing "Listen to the Mockingbird"? Not. This crow is thinking "To Kill a Mockingbird".

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Are You Having Summer Fun?

Challenge #19 is "Summer Fun"

This is only the 2nd time I've done one of
Janet's challenges. They are so much
fun that I plan on being a regular.

This is how I will be having
Summer Fun

We won't be traveling anywhere this summer. I live very near
the beach, so guess where you will find me. Yep, sitting right next to
this cute little Doxie by CowTown Stamps. Beach set stamps, unknown.
The background is done with pastel chalks with stamped waves and sand piles.

I'm very happy to tell you that Lorne is doing very nicely
after that last trip to the ER.
I hope we don't have to go back there in a looooooong time!!!

Here's a CONTEST for you

If you aren't a member of the MG Community.
Click the above link to join.
Also, find the full details of the contest there.
There is a very nice PRIZE to be given away.


If you have not heard, we are holding a new Contest and its your time to shine and show off your lovely products.

From now until the 22nd of July, follow these simple instructions to enter.
• Create a product using any art from the My Grafico Store
• Post your entry PHOTO on the Community photos section
• Label your uploaded photo with “Contest - (your file name here)”

Our designers will vote on their favorite entry, and the winner will receive a FREE SET OF YOUR CHOICE from our store. The winner will be featured in our blog!

Mygrafico Team

!!! GOOD LUCK !!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

ER Finale, Right After This Message

I just now finished this challenge card in time for SoArtful Challenge which is an Inspiration
Challenge using the purple texture with dragonfly square. And, a Card Challenge at MSW Forum that calls for the colors Red, Purple and Blue.

I duplicated the square and then cropped one image to leave just the dragonfly. This I glittered and set aside to dry. The fuschia is part of my Printmaster clip art that I added to the square. I had to flip the image to get the arrangement that I wanted. I duplicated and cropped out the fuschia for layering. The original color of the fuschia was a very washed out pink and green. It did not go with the brightly colored dragonfly. I used my Mark It markers by Bic to recolor them a dark red, dark fuschia pink and light and dark green and a bit of brown for the stem.
There much better. I had some extra of the image so I trimmed off 2 strips to put along one edge. The next layer is a multi-red heavy mulberry paper. There is also a hint of blue in it.
The glittered dragonfly was cut and layered with his body glued down and the wings popped up with pop dots. One fuschia was cut and treated in the same manner. Two crystal for dragonfly eyes and a bit of bling and it's finished.

And now we return to the Finale of ER.

Lorne's first trip, July 8, to the ER didn't solve his problems after all. We were back at 4 p.m.
July 9. Everything had been going just fine, then boom, the bleeding started again. They took him in right away this time. He was in an exam bed by the time I parked the car and got in the hospital. I guess the big bag of blood that we brought in with us got them moving in high geer.
The nicest doctor came in to see Lorne. This doctor even had some knowledge of what an ostomy entails and understood Lorne's problem. He got him all fixed up and the bleeding stopped again but, and this is the important part, he made arrangements for Lorne to see the ostomy specialist nurse the next day, which is today now. And, that is the nurse that does all of the training for new ostomy patients. NOW we are on the right track. Home again by about 8 p.m. About 10 p.m. that evening the bleeding starts again. And, Lorne hasn't moved since we got home. While my DH is dithering about what he wants to do, I call the doctor before he goes off shift. After describing Lorne's blood flow we decided it was an ooze and he would be fine until morning. But, if not, he would alert the new crew that we might be back. Well, he made it
until about 4 a.m., July 10. He was getting weak by this time. We were back in the ER so they could watch over him until it was time for the Ostomy Specialist to come.

I love Ostomy Specialists, especially this one. We learned so much and I watched very carefully so that in the future I can help Lorne with his changes. Well, his problem is that his body shape has changed these past years and he needed to be measured and a new size of hole cut in the apparatus that he wears. He had an area that had deteriorated with constant moisture and it had abraded and oozed blood. She stopped the bleeding with Silver Nitrate which also will act as a shield to the moisture to give the area time to heal. Resized is ostomy bag, made a few more
recommendations and answered all of our questions. We went to the hospital cafeteria and had a nice breakfast and back home by 9 a.m. It is now 3 p.m. and not one drop of blood. Lorne is now napping and resting up from his episodes in the ER.

The FINALE, I hope!

I have been published in the SNR Online Magazine in the Card Universe section. I have another addition for the sidebar which I haven't updated as yet.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Well Let's See What's Going On Here.....

One Lovely Blog Award
from Linda
You should visit Linda's blog. She not only will
treat you to wonderful artwork, you will also get
glimpses of life in England.
Thank you so much Linda for this award.
I know I'm supposed to pass this on, but I'm unable
to pick and choose one of my wonderful blog friends
over another. It's yours to share.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful and supportive comments
regarding our trip to the ER. Lorne is rapidly improving. I am so thankful.


Creating from the Heart is giving away this
Cuttlebug with embossing folders and dies.
All of the details can be found on the above link.
Don't miss this one!!!

Scrapbooking & Crafting Friends has a blog.
There is a complete calendar of current happenings listed
on today's post.
Yesterday I started a weekly feature on
Scrapbooking & Crafting Friends blog.
"This Week with Jeanette"
Every Thursday I will post something of interest.
It could be anything. There are more details
on the 1st This Week with Jeanette.
Scroll down below the calendar.
There I am!

I'm really having fun with the new Use Your Scraps group.
Going on right now is
Challenge #1 "Make a Fan" until 7/15
Quickie Contest " "How I Use My Scraps" until 7/12
You just might win a prize.

The very talented Vicki of Stamped Smiles is having
to make some adjustments to her very busy schedule. And, darn,
one is her position at CowTown Stamps Design Team and
the other is her Hidden Potential segments she posted
every Tuesday on her blog. I think there are a couple of
other things to go also. I certainly can't blame her,
she wants to spend more time with her family.
I think that's WONDERFUL.

Here is a link for you to try

Gotta go make a couple of changes to my sidebar.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Personal Episode of "ER"

My husband came in the bedroom and asked "are you asleep?" I was about to give him a snappy retort because anyone could see that I was asleep when he said "there is blood in my bag". I didn't know I could move that fast.

A bit of background. My husband is a cancer survivor. In 2003 he was diagnosed with a class IV
bladder cancer. He had surgery to remove his bladder and prostate. In the process he was replumbed by using part of his colon to make an ostomy and he now wears a bag to gather his
urine. Not an ideal situation but he is still here with me. And, that is ideal.

So you can see why I was moving so fast. In a matter of minutes we were on our way to the Waccamaw Medical Center about 4 miles away. We arrived at 10:30 p.m. At about 1:30 a.m. we were finally ushered into our exam cubicle. Almost another hour goes by before he sees a doctor. After that things moved along fairly quickly, collect bloody urine sample, send to lab, arrange for a CTscan and Xray. Shortly he was wheeled out for his CT.

I went in search of some coffee, even tho I figured it wouldn't be very tasty. Our little hospital closes down at night and nothing is availabe except cold drinks in a vending machine. I decided to take a walk outside in the fresh air and revive myself. The air was lovely, soft right after a rain with the sound of the water fountain splashing in the pond to a chorus of Cicadas. If I closed my eyes I was in a park and not the hospital campus.

I come back inside and found a fairly comfortable and quiet spot to sit in view of Triage Nurse and settle down to wait. A very nice security guard stopped and told me there was coffee available upstairs in the family waiting room. Up I go and come back with a delicious hot cup of coffee. It is so tasty. All settled again and who do I see saying goodbye to the Triage Nurse a man that looks a lot like my husband. Naw! he looks to chipper. But it is and off we go and head home. It is now 3:00 a.m

DX: Urinary tract infection.
Treatment: Course of antibiotics
Follow Up: See Urologist next week.

What a happy couple it is that drives on home and crawls into bed.

He has been very lucky these past few years with only a few side effects from a very major surgery. His last clean scan was just done last April.

I don't suppose we will be getting much done around the old homestead today. We aren't used to being up to all hours.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shopping Shopping Shopping

Boy, is it fun shopping for a new computer. Especially,
when your #1 computer guru, my husband Lorne, knows
just what you need. And, bless his heart, this time I get the
new one and not his hand me down. Sweet. They sure are
a lot prettier than the one that I have now. I ended up
with an HP. And, technically, that is all I know. Lorne swoons over
its gigs, bytes, etc. But, don't ask me what all that means.
All I know is no more computer freezes due to lack of
memory, ah Photoshop here I come.
I have everything transferred that I need access to while
using his laptop and he has gone to get the AVG Surge
Protector that we forgot yesterday. Then I think
it's out with the old and in with the new.
Can't wait.

I do have a couple of challenges to post.

This is a card that I made for Flutterby Weds
for this weeks Challenge #64 "Open Theme".
Kaboodle Sketch Challenge #7

I started the card by using card stock from my Once Upon a Time
mat stack. The circle and fairy stamps are both from Inka Stamps.
They no longer carry stamps but there is an interesting array
of items for altering and collage.
The images are stamped in burgandy ink and colored with
gel pens. My lovely flowers are from Prima and I won them
for my "Guy Card" at My Sketch World.

After checking out these fun challenges, I have 3 different challenges
posted on 3 different forums.

"Vacation" challenge in Weekly Challenges at Cardmaker
"Wings" Challenge in Card Challenges at MSW Forum
"Make a Fan" at Use Your Scraps Group at Scrapbook and Crafting Friends
You are more than welcome to join in any or all of these challenges.
I'd love to have you.

This lovely card is from my friend at Cardmaker
I think it is so beautiful.
Thanks Margaret.

For those of you that use Copics, here is a site by
Ellen Hutson, LLC called Copics Corner.
You might find something of interest.

This next link I found at ArtFreebies.
June has found out from the blog owner that
these wonderful maps are free for anyone to use.
See them here Mapsorama.

I think that is about it for today.