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Friday, July 24, 2009

Timbo at Hambo

I was first introduced to Timbo when he join the RubberStampChat Forum. I remember that
we both became involved in a discussion about digital stamps. That was a pretty lively discussion with everyone giving their opinions on rubber vs digi. Personally, I think there is room for both. I love rubber stamping but I also love working with digi stamps. And, they can
be a very nice compliment to each other.

Timbo does all of the artwork for Hambo Stamps and Hambo Digital Images. His stamps encompass everything from the ordinary to the unusual.

Right now the Talk to the Ham blog is hosting a contest using this Shellphone Pig free digi image. The image is printed out on watercolor paper. My original intention was to color with watercolors. I decided since, to me, it is a cartoon image that I would just color with bright colored permanent markers by Bic and Sharpie. A note here - this is printed on inexpensive watercolor paper. I don't recommend that at all. See the rough texture? I don't like it. The chipboard swirls are painted blue to suggest waves. The shells are from my junk jewelry stash and colored orange with Bic marker.

This little piggy speaks 'pig latin'. My gosh, I had to go to the computer and find a translater page for pig latin. I had forgotten how to speak it. That was the only second language that I new and now here I've forgotten it. Is this a dead language or am I just showing my age?


Monica Hunter said...

Great card Jeanette! Love the pig Latin and the swirl for the ocean is really cool. This little piggy needs some!! Thanks for playing the contest.

Yeah I can and I can't understand some of the comments from people concerning digital images. It's threatening to their way of doing things..I understand that.. but for some of them to condemn it so vitriolically is beyond me.

Timbo under Monica's account

Denise Clark said...

Jeanette, such a unique card! Love how you were able to convey all you did with just a few elements. Love the pig latin! Adorable!

LoisB said...

Cute card!!!

I recognized the "ellohay" as soon as I saw it - I'm that age, too.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

bbwwwaaahhhaaaahhhhaaaa! i love the pig latin! and hambo looks sunburned but great!

i love it!


Vicki (basement stamper) said...

TEEHEE!! Pig Latin!! I love that!!! You've done a fabulous job with this funny piggy!! I love it and so glad you played along!! :)

Digis were scary for me at first too, but after seeing you and a few other using them, I tired my first and immediately became hooked for life!! ;)

Scrubbysue said...

LOL! what a great card!! we used to talk like this in school. heeheehee.