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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Here it is another Saturday and I've just
posted the latest Soartful Challenge.
I've also added a new feature called
Extra Specials.
I will be choosing 3 pieces to showcase each week.
My first 3 choices are ready to view on Soartful with
the current challenge.

This is my creation for the challenge.

We have a Christmas theme this week.
All images are from Printmaster Platinum 18.
I love this pastel background. I cropped the girl
from a larger image and then added forest
friends to keep her company.
Doesn't she have the sweetest expression?
I always wanted one of those muff things. I can't
remember ever having one though.

This is my first Art Doll.
RSC had an Art Doll Swap with a holiday theme.
This is my Winter Princess.

My swap partner just received it in the mail and asked where I had
gotten the template. While looking up the link, I got sidetracked at
this very interesting site. It is Milliande Art & Creativity
help guides online.
I had to use two stamps so one is her head and the other
is the swirl that I used for her dress. I even used a third
stamp for her wings. I added a tiara and filled it in with
crystal gems which are also glued here and there on her
dress and wings.
I think I'll be making more art dolls, maybe, a bit more creative
since I won't be having to stay within swap guidelines. Didn't you
love paper dolls as a girl? They kept me entertained for hours.
That and my coloring books.

Last night we enjoyed our Thanksgiving leftovers. Yum!
Since there was only the two of us, I just bought a turkey
breast. Yum! There is only enough for a couple
of lunches of huge turkey sandwiches left now. Yum!
Is it lunch time yet?


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

there ya go surprising me again! these are super.

i used to design my own clothes for my paper dolls. funny how i never got into fashion designing!!! nancy drew won by a landslide - lol.

and who says you have to wait for lunch to have a turkey sandwich?????

glad your holiday was super!


lorhen82 said...

Thanks for the great image you gave us for the SoArtful challenge. Your inspiration piece is wonderful - I love the softness of it! ~Lori