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Monday, November 30, 2009

Trying to be Creative on the Darkside

Bad Santa

Art on the Darkside is the challenge where I tried working in
digi for the first time. That was about a year ago. It is also the
sister challenge to Soartful.
This week Meikoningin included an interesting link
to info on Joulupukki to get us started with our
interpretation of 'Bad Santa'. I just couldn't get
into using a goat for Christmas. The Bad Santa image that I found
by Googling is called Scary Clause and is from an 1874
issue of Harper's Weekly. This magazine is still in existence.


We were given this lovely background that was
specially created for this challenge.

Here is how I used the background.

Today is the beginning of the end for the current Squigglefly DT. See our last samples on the Squigglefly Challenge blog. You will be able to welcome the new DT, after December's break,
in January 2010. They are taking applications for the new DT if you are interested. I sure
had fun being a designer. Thank you everyone at Squigglefly.

It felt so good working in the garden yesterday. All of the pansies are in now. As I was removing them from the flat, I noticed there were two in each cell. Well, I split those up and got twice
the pansies. I have lots and lots of pansies. The mums didn't get in but there is always another day. Lorne and I have been discussing the leaf raking chore that is upon us. We get so many leaves in our yard. It is a major chore each year. But it is good to be outside getting some fresh air and much needed exercise.


Femmy said...

beautiful pieces!! love them both!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

that is definitely a "scary" clause but very interesting. and your background is super. i think you covered it all.... dreams, myths, etc.

good for you on the gardening! we have bushes. plain old green bushes. i do NOT have a green thumb. the only thing green i have is my home decor!!!!! INSIDE!!!!


Hermine said...

Both look great

Sandy said...

Wow these are gorgeous.
Wonderful work.

Holly said...

you do such interesting things Jeanette. Love the take on Scary Claus!

vintage wil said...

Very beautiful piece!!!

stampinlynn said...

Jeanette great job as always I am never disappointed tfs...Lynn:)

Meikoningin said...

Ooh this really is a Scary Claus ! I wonder if he brings presents, and if so, what is in them ? Dead spiders maybe ? :D