Yes, my life is in transition. I am now getting used to life as a widow. What will this bring? Time will tell.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Crystal Ball Tells Me.......

.....That you are all SO WONDERFUL for
reading my blog and commenting on my creations.
I have such a good time sharing them.
Thanks to all of my readers.
You are #1 in my book!

I love this beautiful gypsy fortune teller. I got the
image from Art Freebie Sat

There is also a sister challenge blog
This will be my first entry in that challenge. But I've
visited there often.
I've entered this in these challenges also.
T is for two tone. Use two colors
excluding hair, flesh and card blank.
OPH is celebrating 1 year of challenges so their
challenge is to put a number in your creation.

To color my pretty gypsy I used a Q-tip and sponged on my
fabulous Brick Red dye based ink on her scarf, cheeks and lips and just
a touch of lavender chalk for her eyeshadow.
Her earrings are stickers of wedding rings that I cut apart
and repurposed. The #1 is also a sticker.

Just a reminder

Starts tomorrow! Check in with me
in the morning and I'll link you to your next stop on
the hop. Don't forget to leave a comment on each
blog. That will enter you in the drawing for a
great prize from Squigglefly.

See ya in the a.m.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Very Busy Monday

Third and last post of the day.

This ATC is for two challenges today.

Digital Tuesday challenge #12
Use Your Scraps
Sponsored this week by Squigglefly

Here are my scraps using the cute Ballerina
digi stamp available at Squigglefly.

She is tip toeing through the tulips. Do you remember Tiny Tim
singing that song with his high falsetto voice and playing the
ukelele? My first thought was having her just be
dancing to the music when I ran across these tulips
in my soft ware program. Ah ha, that's the
direction that I want to go. So here she is lightly
tip toeing through the tulips with Tiny Tim's voice
running through her head.
Tip toe through the de da, la de da.

Just a reminder that Squigglefly Blog Hop starts
bright and early Wednesday, July 1. Start with my blog and I'll link you to the next.
Then you just follow each new link from there. If you leave a
comment on all of the blogs in the hop you will be eligible for
the prize from Squigglefly.

Celebrating the 4th

2nd Post of the Day.

celebrating summer/4th of July. The
Design Team has out done themselves this week.
We even have an altered Cracker Jack box designed by
Stephanie J. It is the cutest.
For this weeks prize you have a chance to win
two images from this 4th of July Stamp Set. Take a look
at the set because it can be used for many summer activities
besides the 4th.
I'll see you at the challenge.

Baby Birdies

This my new brood. A Carolina Wren decided to build her
nest in my wreath hanging right beside our entrance door.
Yesterday, when going out for the Sunday paper I heard little
bitty peeps. So this morning on my way out to water I took a picture.
It's hard to see in the nest but so
far I've seen 2 mouths open at the same time.

This isn't my mama Wren but a picture off the internet.
Mine looks just like this one. They have the cutest tail that
sticks up in the air just like a flag. And, it's surprising
how loud they can sing. I've heard the song many times but
didn't know it came from such a tiny bird.

I looked up a bit about them and found out that
they like to nest near humans. It isn't unusal to find
a nest in a hanging plant or a shoe left out on the porch.
So, I won't worry so much now about disturbing her and
her little family.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gyotaku (gee-oh-tah-koo)

Make a fish print

This is a sample
that I got from the Chesapeake Art Gallery. I thought
you might like to see the real thing.
I think these prints are beautiful. Gyotaku is a
Japanese art form for printing fish. I've read several
accounts of how it started but this one is my favorite.
Gyotaku was used to keep a record of the fish caught in very
early Japan.
No fisherman's tale with this kind of record.

When I saw this stamp available in the past sale at Inka Stamps,
I just had to get it. Unfortunately, Inka is no longer selling stamps. But,
she has some wonderful collage items, some freebies, and a very
interesting blog.

This is my version of Gyotaku. Both stamps used are Inka stamps.
I stamped using a multcolored stamp pad but I think next time
I will sponge on the ink and make it more like a real fish.

To see more samples of this type of stamping here is a
gallery by Fred B. Mullet. He also does some beautiful nature prints.
He carries a line of stamps also.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I'd Like You to Meet Sally Sheep

She leads the good life munching away on posies.
Sally is for Denise's Stamping Vacation
Viva La Difference challenge.
"Tongue Twistin Toughy"
The sixth silly son's sixth sheep's sick
Shy sweet Sally says she shall sew sage sheets.
We were to pick a word from each tongue twister and then
create a card around those words.
I chose Sally and sheep. I've been wanting to use
my cute little sheep stamp from Rubber Stampede. The poppies
are unlabeled but most likely they came from Michael's $1 bin.
Sally probably would have benefited from being on a pastel
color of paper. A lot of the ink for the wooly part has
been covered by the white dimensional paint.
And, being the great artist that I am (ha ha) I drew
in the grass by hand.
There you've met my sweet friend Sally Sheep.

There will be quite a bit going on here at H20 Creations
next week. July 1 and 2 is the blog hop for Squigglefly. So
be prepared to stop in and maybe you will win a nice prize.
Then on 4th of July Card Universe at SNR will be having
a blog hop to celebrate the 4th of July.

And, in between time I'm working on a very challenging challenge
You have to check out this challenge. I've never
done anything like it before. She has links for us
to follow showing 2 different techniques for this challenge.
I'm going to start with the one using tiles. I think that
would be the easiest one to master. Then on to the Kaliedscope
technique. So, hopefully, I'll get two cards finished for this
I think it would be fun if you joined in the fun, too.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something is in the Air

I used leaves from CowTown Stamps
and these sweet butterflies (unknown).
They are just fluttering over to
Flutter By Weds for this weeks challenge "Outdoors".
Danni has added something new to her already
fun challenge. Each team member gets a chance
to pick the weeks challenge.
The ink is dye based teal with teal gel pen highlights.
The papers are scraps.


That is the theme for this week at
We were challenged to use bits of cloth, ribbon, lace, buttons, etc.

Now, when I think of Haberdashery I think of a man's clothing
store. My card is more feminine unless a tailor uses a dress
form. For my "the Perfect Fit" card, I used the dress form stamp
The sentiment is computer generated. The background
paper has a wrinkled fabric look. My embellishments are
the lace, button, needle and thread and a soft yellow rose.
I like it.

I'll be on my way outside now to tend my flowers
before it gets to hot.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Big House on the Hill

Well, not really. I live in a
nice small, comfy house near the beach. Where ever
I live, my house has to have birds in the yard. I love
to watch the birds. The ones they have
here in the south are so colorful. They
flit around in the huge hickory tree near
our front deck.
Right now a tiny sparrow has made a nest in
my wreath near the side door. I've been watching
her fly past the window building her new house.
I thought breeding season had ended but I just
read in Saturdays bird column that it hasn't.
Little sparrow is proof of that.

Our challenge this week at
is to create a tag with the theme
Mine is a regular old mailing tag with a sky and grass background
done with pastel chalks. The house is stamped with Distress Vintage
Photo ink. The roof is lightly colored with red colored pencil and
the shrubs are touched with a bit of green.
And, if you will notice, there is my bird (stamp by Inka).
I tried so many fibers and ribbons as an embellishment.
I finally ended up with this one. I had several tied on but
it overpowered the tag.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Misery Loves Company

So, I'm going to share my unhappy day with you.
I spent 3 hours in the dentist chair this morning.
And, I was so undone by the procedure that I
came home and crashed. Now, it is almost
3:30p.m. I still feel like I've been drug through
a knot hole backwards. And, my temporary crown
just came off. So it is back to the dentist to get it glued
back on. My day has been completely shot since
8:30 this morning. There is a light at the end of the tunnel
though, this is my last major work to be done. Yay!!!
I think I'll go eat worms.

But not Willy the Worm by Victoria Case he is much to cute
and very helpful in the garden. The challenge at ABC Challenges is
"S" for summer and at One Powerful Hour it is Stripes.
I think Willie will work for both.
In the summer I do lots of gardening and I'm always
digging up worms. I try to be careful of them because
of all of the good that they do for the soil. So when I
think of summer I think of my little gardening friend, Willie and
all of his brothers and sisters.
Willie is painted using watercolors.
As for the stripes for OPH these should do. This isn't exactly
what I had in mind for this challenge but it works. I love the
sample that is posted for this week. Very sophisticated. Wonderful job.

You know misery must love company, because I feel so much
better now. Thanks for listening to me bellyache.

Monday, June 22, 2009

June is Wedding month at MyGrafico

Second post of the day. This is a busy day for me.

This Monday is also reveal day for

My card Always and Forever uses the wedding cake from
MyGrafico's Wedding Elements.

I glued pearls and lavender roses on to the enlarged image
of the wedding cake and layered it on to pale lavender
swirls background paper. The base card is lavender glitter
paper. There is a bit of glitter on the heart topper also.
I like glitter.

MyGrafico's sale is still in progress. Now is the
time to pick out some new images at a great discount.
We'd like to have you play along with the
challenge this week. See ya there.

Out of the Box

Jump "out of the box" here
with Squigglefly Challenge #7

The technique is different but easy and fun.
You will find a link to a tutorial on the challenge.
My "out of the box" is the hummingbird's wing.

I used the beautiful hummingbird that you can
get from Squigglefly. The hummingbird is
watercolored with greens and a touch of lilac.
There is also crystal glitter on the tips of
the feathers.
We'd all love to see your "out of the box" card.

Right outside of my window here I can see my bright red cannas.
The hummingbirds come everyday to have a sip of canna nectar.
Watching them brings me so much pleasure.

They have many new images to choose from at Squigglefly. Stop
in and choose, download, print, color!

That's the Squigglefly Buzz for your Monday morning.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

Second post of the day.

I have been doubly blessed with this award. I received it from
Tracy and Jeanette. They are friends of mine
from the Cardmaker Forum. I received this
a few days ago and have been pondering the
Now I have to tell you 10 things about myself.
How about ......

I'm a very happy woman having the time of her life everyday.

And, I'd like to pass this award on to everyone of my
stamping friends.
I just can't single out a few.

Thanks so much Tracy and Jeanette
I really appreciate receiving this award.

The Owl and the Parrot

Blue, Brown and Bling
That is the challenge for this week.
It has a nice ring to it
Blue, Brown and Bling.

I used the same little owl from the "What a Hoot"
(Sale Still in Progress)
as I did for my inchie posted yesterday.
This time he is a blue and brown owl but I enlarged him
quite a bit for this card. The branch is also from the same
set. They are layered on to misc background paper with
pop dots. He has crystal gems in his eyes for the Bling.
You're a Hoot is computer generated. It turned out
a lot cuter than I expected.

Hello, Hello anybody there?

This is my card for the

The image is from
It was originally black and white only. After
printing the image for this card I colored the parrot
using colored pencils. It gave Polly nice green and
yellow feathers. Just a tad of color in a pretty
neutral card. The lace is from my scrap pile and the
I used beach glass for embellishment.
Pearlized gray has the corners rounded and
layered on to a flat black base.

Hope you are having a Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is It Who or Whom?

My Second Post of the Day

What a Hoot - Owls

My inchie is layered on to a page from a dictionary. The image is from
MyGrafico Scrapbook Set "What a Hoot"(their sale is
still in progress). My owl is sitting on
a twig that I picked up out in the yard. It really doesn't take
much to make an inchy. And, it usually takes me
longer to come up with an idea than it does to make the inchie.

The other day I posted Pay it Forward. I'm happy to tell
you that I've got my 5 players. So Sara, Lori, Jeanette Burke,
Marie Levite and Vicki I'll be watching your blogs. You can
expect my gift to you to arrive by the end of July 2009.
So if anyone is still interested in signing up, check out the blog of a
crafter/blogger/very nice person listed above.

Have a wonderful day.

The Votes are In

The votes are in and counted.
The following cards will be featured in
the next issue of

Congratulations to the following:






Thanks to everyone that participated in the contest
and to all of you who voted.
Be sure to stop in at Squigglefly so you can
match a name to one of the great entries.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Flowers

#16 Sketch Time

And, here
is the sketch

My image is a digi image freebie by GGK and I got
The background paper is from Boho Chic from Making Memories.
The soft gold strips are distressed with gold liquid chalk ink.
The button is one of my sale finds from WalMart and so is
the crystal dragon fly. The coloring is done with colored pencils.

A bit more of summer flowers.
This was done for our weekly challenge at
Cardmaker. Our challenge was to use only punches
and one stamped sentiment that went with our image.
I don't have a collection of punches and the
ones that I do have are tiny. See......

But I punched my little heart out and made three posies from
a really pretty scrap of paper. The stems I made by punching
kitties and using their tails. Another thing I don't have
many of are sentiment stamps. I usually use the computer.
But I did find the words fleur and garden and used them
for a border. When my punching hand quits hurting,
I might try this again.

There is room for one more!!!

Today is the last day to vote for your 5 favorite cards
to be published in the ezine Sheetload of Cards at

This is just in
30% off all unmounteds at

Laurel said,

"you gotta wish me a "happy birthday Laurel" in the comments box or in a separate
email, referencing your order number if you email."
See all details here.

SALE 3 Days Only

All Scrapbooking and digi stamps on sale
Shop til you Drop.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

You Gotta Have Heart

Challenge #5
Tag with Hearts

This is a new challenge blog. June is the second month of operation.
All month the challenge will be Tags. The difference here is that
a new theme is chosen each Friday. Challenge #5 is a Tag with Hearts.
My tag is colored using my new Brick Red or to be fancy
Rouge Brique by Craft Smart distributed by Michaels Stores.
It is not expensive but I really like it. I think I ended up with
6 different colors at $1.99 ea with an additional 40% off. You might get tired of seeing this color.
After distressing the tag with my Rouge Brique ink I glued on a white
paper doilie. And you guessed it, distressed it with Rouge Brique.
I love saying that! The chipboard is colored using my new
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. I didn't say it again because
I can't pass this up. Ready? Quick drying ink pad or fancy...
tampon encreur a sechage rapide. I could learn to speak French
just by reading the label.
Back to the tag.
I placed the heart leaned back and looked. No not right.
Where are my feathers? That's just what it needed. A matter
of opinion I guess, but I like it.

This is an ATC I did for the ATC/Rolodex division
be the second project that I've done for this division.
I also belong to Stampers, Digi and Vintage divisions.
I have work posted in there also. It's a fun
place to visit.

Before I leave you......

I still have an opening for PAY IT FORWARD. I'm really
looking forward to doing this, please join me.
Scroll down and leave a comment on the PAY IT FORWARD post.

Pay It Forward

Do you remember the movie "Pay It Forward" with Kevin Spacey? The story is repaying a kindness to you by passing a kindness on to someone else. I think that is a very nice idea. That is why I signed up to be part of this version of "Pay It Forward" on Stef's blog Glitterbabe Greetings.
Now I am going to recieve a very special, made just for me, gift from Stef. I want to pass along a very special, made just for YOU gift, to the first FIVE people leaving a comment on this post. Doesn't that sound like fun?

I'd really like to send a special gift to you. Please sign up to "Pay It Forward". Internationals welcome.

There a few rules tho (not hard ones).

1- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make but I hope you will.

2- What I create will be just for you. I’ll be lurking around your blog to see what you might like

3- this will run until the end of July.

4- You have no clue what it's going to be and neither do I so it'll be a big surprise to both of us!

The catch? Oh yeah. There's a catch.... You must repost this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog.

So the first five people who post, and are willing to pass it along, will get a handmade gift in the mail from me.

Once you receive the gift, please be sure to post a pic on your blog.

Let the gifting begin.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Shapes of Paisley

Now that Bryan is slowly improving after his surgery,
Denise has found the time, or should I say energy, to start
one of her fun challenges. The above card is for her Viva la Difference
challenge at Stamping Vacation. First, you'll be greeted by
Jubal the newest addition to her family. After that comes the challenge
which is using a certain size and number of rectangles and squares.
Right away I got a terrific idea. I wonder what happened to that? As so
often happens it didn't work at all so on to idea #2.
I must not be an angle person because this was very difficult
for me. I don't even think what I ended up with is even idea #2,
maybe #5 or #6. My rectangles and squares are covered in
this colorful paisley print that I really like. I'm so glad
paisley has never really gone out of fashion.

A couple of items of interest.

I am "Reader of Week" at Beth's Sunflowers & Dragonflies. I was thrilled to
receive her interview request. I read this feature every week and I am
so pleased to be included. Thanks Beth.


Addicted to Rubber Stamps is having a one day 25% off EVERYTHING today only.
They are also having a contest for a Sizzix Big Shot.

Don't forget to vote for your 5 favorite cards to be published at

I was out for breakfast earlier and our about every 10 day grocery
shopping at WalMart. My store is being remodeled and a lot of
goodies are on sale in the sewing department. I bought bags of
buttons, plain and decorative, ribbon and other trims.
Let the embellishment begin.

And, I got a haircut. I really needed one.
I don't look like a shaggy dog anymore. Yay!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lots of Buzz Over at Squigglefly

Squigglefly is going to be featured in the July issue
a free monthly online magazine for papercrafters.
Squigglefly can submit 5 cards from the DT to be
published. Here's where we need your help.....
we need you to vote for your TOP 5 of
the 22 cards submitted by the DT. The votes will be tallyed
and the 5 chosen will be published.
Please VOTE HERE before midnight June 19th.

This week's challenge #6
Pink and Black plus 1 color

After voting if you scroll down a bit to the challenge
you will see the DTs inspirational
samples for this week.
It is amazing how many variations of pink and black plus 1 color
there are.
I'm impressed.

This is my version of pink and black plus 1 color, blue.
The image is called "Hungry Bird" from Squigglefly, of course.
My image is colored with markers and layered on to
a black panel. The designer paper, generic, is trimmed
with deco scissors and adhered to a bright pink base card.
The flowers are felt with brads colored black as centers.

More Buzz........

This beautiful card Squigglefly's "Feathered Friend" is from my friend Stef. I played
"Sock it to Me Saturday" on her Glitterbabe Greetings.
My name was picked this time and this is my
prize. This scan really isn't doing this card justice.
The embossed cs has a stunning copper mirror finish.
I'm on the look out to find a source for this great paper.
I found one place but the supply was much to large and much
to expensive. So I'm still looking.
Stef has a very lively and fun blog. Stop by and
visit with her.

That's all the Buzz for today.

Fluttering By with a Butterfly

any sketch challenge. I really like Danni's challenges. It's
kind of nice to design a card around a butterfly or fairy. I do
wish I'd made this a bit more feminine. After seeing it here, it
looks a little to tailored to me.
I used this sketch

from the June challenge at Rubberstampchat hosted this month
I was just looking at their web site. I'm going to go back and give it
a closer look. First, it is an Angel Co, that's always nice. They are featuring
free shipping on any order over $25. That's pretty darn nice, too.
And, in if she posts and item that you made in her gallery
you will receive $5.00 towards your next purchase. That's really nice.

For this card I inked 2 unknown butterfly stamps with coral and yellow inks before
embossing. Part of one wing didn't stamp very well but I kind of like
it that way. The sentiment squares are computer generated. All
is layered on to orange and brown card stock with a dark
brown ribbon trim. There are also gold crystals for eyes and
a bit of trim for sparkle.

I will have another very newsy post a bit later today.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I've got to pay better attention......

MyGrafico just posted its Challenge #5 for this week which is "Summer/Sea". Well, I got the Sea
part included in my card but totally forgot to make it a summer theme. So everyone else has a
wonderful summer/sea creation and I have just plain old sea on display.

Oh, wait..........I found another one that I had sent for this challenge.

Ummmm, still just the sea! Well, when you play along be sure to include "summer" in your "sea" themed project. Take a look at what the design team sent to inspire you on the challenge blog. And, see the name of last weeks winner and what she won. That name could be yours in next weeks drawing for a prize valued at $5.00. That's a pretty nice prize for having fun.

I am not paying attention at all, I almost forgot to tell you these images are from the MyGrafico
set called "Ocean Fun".

MyGrafico (shopping, forum, gallery, tips and don't forget the freebies)

See ya there.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Viva Espana and R is for Rose

Viva Espana
R is Rose

It's always a bonus for me if I can do two challenges with
one creation.

For Viva Espana the bullfighter image is from my Printmaster
software as is the sentiment. The rose us an unknown foam stamp.
The bullfighter image was in black and white but I used red and gold
colored pencil to color. The ink on the rose is a blend of
orange and yellow. The background paper is from a magazine.
It didn't enlarge to well so I just cropped a small section knowing
most of it would be covered. The picture is of a bunch or
beautiful orange/red/yellow poppies.

And the rose works for R in the R is for Rose ABC challenge this week.
This is a fun challenge. Uhmmm? what will they do for "Q".

If you are ever at a loss for a layout for a card or a scrap page this is a web site
loaded with sketches, Page Maps.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

ATC Booklet on a Ring

This is a project that I worked on for a PAMC swap of technique ATCs. We just got our ringed booklets back a few days ago. Ande had put everthing together for us. The really neat thing, besides the nice art work, is the technique instructions displayed on the back of each ATC. I now have instructions for making a background with a credit card and for some extra fancy embossing among others. I wish more people
would have participated in this. It really is nice
having these techniques just "hanging around" at
my fingertips. I'm going to look through these again and hopefully wake up my muse. She's been just a bit lazy lately.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Small Bits

First, a bit of information on Bryan. He came through the surgery just fine. He is still in ICU but he has been up and taken his first steps already. He has also sat in the recliner and watched TV
for about an hour. That is such good news. Another bit, Barney is his favorite TV show. So as soon as he eats and poops he can't be moved into a regular room. Being up and moving around should stimulate both functions.

My second bit, The Small World of Inchie and Twinchies challenge for this week is ABC. Here is a Twinchie that I made for this challenge that ends tomorrow.

The background is a scrap from my mat stack. The alphabet letters are from a very old Stampin up set and the images are clipart from
my also ancient Printmaster software. I used
Vintage Photo Distress ink to distress the edges of the background and to smear a bit over the images. This turned out better than I thought it would. I seem to be having a creative block for
the past few days. But, slowly, I'm working my way thru.

One more bit. My Gardenia in the front is in full bloom. It is beautiful and so fragrant. I'll post a picture soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Christmas Time Again

SNR Card Universe
The theme for this week is "Snow"

I made cards similar to this last year. But that was before
I found out from Sheri at Stampin Sher about glitter
card stock. I love this stuff. Between the glitter
card stock and Martha Stewart's glue and crystal glitter this
cards sparkles just how I remember snow sparkling when the
sun hits it. The white paper is torn into strips and layered on the
blue background with pop dots. The trees are from my software
program and the darling polar bear is from CowTown Stamps.
I trimmed the Santa hat with cotton.

JUST A NOTE: SNR has a monthly online magazine that they publish. It is jam packed with scrapbooking and card information. Well, my last two Christmas Cards for the Holiday
Challenge will be published in the next issue coming out in late June. Whoopee!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For Denise and Bryan

This beautiful boy Bryan needs our support today.
He is undergoing very risky surgery to improve his quality of life.
If you are familar with the blog "Stamping Vacation" then you know
Denise and know of the surgery that her son Bryan is having today.
Visit her blog and learn more about Bryan.
It would be nice if you left them a comment.
Please give Denise and Bryan your thoughts and prayers for a successful
surgery and speedy recovery.
Thanks so much.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beautiful Things

This week the challenge is "Lace"

I have a few poster images and this ballerina is from a
Swan Lake poster. I have highlighted her tutu and a bit
along the edge of the blue card stock with my white glimmer chalk.
The lace is from my stash.
Years ago I lived in LA a
nd was fortunate enough
to attend a production of Swan Lake featuring Rudloph Nureyev.

He really was this pretty.
It was wonderful to watch him dance.
I've always loved the ballet.

Another beautiful thing in life is a baby.

This card is for the
Dare U 2 Digi Stamp challenge "Ribbon"
This image is from th
e Baby Set at Squigglefly.
I colored it with a new purchase of mine." Markit" permanent
markers by Bic. The pack came with some pretty pastel
markers and the ink is acid free. The pastels were a big
selling point with me. This digi image is printed on watercolor
paper, layered with 2 green plaid papers with a ribbon
covering the line where they meet.
Now I just need to find someone who is having a baby.

Monday, June 8, 2009

MyGrafico Challenge #4

MyGrafico Challenge has moved to Mondays
So today we are unveiling Challenge #4
Little Birds
Please see the challenge page on how to get your free image.
Then you can join in the challenge with the possiblility of
winning the complete set. This set is absolutely fabulous all of the
birds have some fancy scroll work somewhere on their bodies.
They are designed by Scrapbooking Season.
To see all of the MyGrafico images available including a nice list
of freebies, click here. They also have a lively forum, gallery and
a newsletter that includes a free image.