Yes, my life is in transition. I am now getting used to life as a widow. What will this bring? Time will tell.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fairies, Snowman, Hearts and a Butterfly

One of two new Buttons available
at Flutter By

Open Theme
Big things are happening there
on Jan 6th to celebrate the move
to a new address.
I'll be there.

Image Provided
Actually, 2 are provided use
one or both.


I colored this image using my pastel chalks. I just love the look but
it isn't the easiest to do especially if you are coloring with a Q-tip.
I need some of those neat little sponges on a stick.
The two panels have been distressed with scissors.
The trim piece and roses have just the right colors to go with the
coordinating papers.

Winter Dazzling Diamonds for Snow
Let It Snow

Here is my entry. My snowman came from Google images.
My pretty snowflake came in a recent Christmas card and I
don't know where I picked up the white net. The stars are silver
not black which is how they show up here. Everything has
a bit of diamond glitter added.

This is a challenge site that I just found. I like
to support as many challenges as I can. I know what it is like
to have a challenge and have no one come.

I like how this one turned out. It was pretty quick, too. A scrap
of printed paper, heart stickers and fiber wrapped
around the top.
This pretty paper just came in a scrap exchange packet.
I couldn't resist this pretty pattern. I took this
and a couple of others and replaced them with something
from my scrap stash and will be sending it on.
It will be going to Malaysia, its final stop.

Are you making a New Year's resolution? I don't usually but
I am this year. It should be "I resolve to lose 15 pounds" but it
isn't. My resolution is to catalog all of my new unmounted stamps.
I have so many and they are so unorganized I can't find what I want. Then
maybe I will be stamping more often. I also like to flip
through the pages of my catalog and just look at them.
It's like one big collage.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wacky Wednesday at Robyns Fetish

This is Clyde and his granddaughter Jade. Doesn't Clyde have
a beautiful smile. He is smiling all the more today because he
is home after several days in the hospital for a mild
heart attack. How very scary but he is doing fine.
Clyde is my friend Stef's husband. For you that don't know her
she is Glitterbabe.
I've decided to dedicate my blog to Clyde today.
He is a KING and he has HEART.
Here's your crown Clyde.

A WACKY WEDS FREEBIE from Robyns Fetish.
Robyns store is still closed but expected to
fix those darn technical difficulties and reopen very soon.
So grab your FREEBIE right here.
This is what I made from my Wacky Weds Freebie.

The crown has been colored with glitter chalks and glitter gel pens.

Open Theme

Remember that old song by the Mills Brothers?
And, those days when you could actually understand the lyrics?
I can remember the huge console type radio we had when
I was little. It was all cabinet with a door that leaned out with
the radio controls in it. The playlists were so different back then.
All on one station you could hear Vaughn Monroe, Hank Williams,
Guy Lombardo and the Andrews Sisters.
Mom listened to Opera then and she would get so
mad at me because I would sing in my off key voice and
drown out her music. Ahh, memories and I have so
many very wonderful ones.

They say out with the old and in with the new for
New Years but I like to just tuck my 'old' away for
a 'new' day.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Few Small Things

You are lucky I didn't title this post "It's a Small Small World".
We just watched a tape of "Samantha Brown's Christmas at Disney World".
What a fun show. The Disney people sure know how to decorate for
Christmas. One of the things they show is the Small World ride
and of course that tune is running through my mind.
Ooops, yours too now.

Lucky Signs
Use Least Favorite Color
(Mine is Blue)
Happy New Year

I used a combination of stamps and cut outs for this ATC.

This tag is for a new challenge that I found roaming from
link to link.
Use Leftover Letter Stickers

My tag started with a bright green scrap of card stock and I
just rummaged through my stuff and pulled out everything
that went with bright green. I put my letters in ABC order and
I was missing some (leftovers, ya know) but after it was
all finished you really can't tell. The green flowers are from
a lei from the $1 Store.

I like this new challenge it blends right in with
UYPS is on Holiday Hiatus right now but will
be back with tips, ideas and challenges on Jan 4, 2010.
Maybe I'll see you there.

My daughter's blog

Grab a cup of coffee and visit her blog. Susan
and Will just returned from Christmas at Yosemite.
They both took lots of beautiful pictures.

Susan and Will with their new friend

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kiss Me You Fool

If you dare with lips like these.

I sure get some strange ideas don't I?

This is for

Open Theme
K is for Kissing

My base card is a checkerboard pattern. The basic image is
from my Printmaster. I did a little coloring on this image.
The lips (unknown) are stamped in red and heat embossed. I cut
and glued them in place. All the coloring is done
with Copics.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reflection of Medival Times

Open Theme
I chose to use a background from a previous challenge.
My Medival Times.

The background is from Art Creations and I altered it with a canvas
filter. The castle scene (Dover) is also altered with the canvas filter.
I added the knight and the ducks from my Printmaster and they are filtered
using water. The spears and dragon (Printmaster) have their color lightened.
The font is Blackadder.

Open Theme using
Fairy, Angel or Butterfly

Two images provided
I chose this one.


My fairy is colored with Copics. Now, this is a good example of
why I need to add to my Copic collection....I need pastel colors.
I used the blending pen to remove color but that just wasn't doing
it for me. What is the order of your creations? I color my image
first then sort through my papers for something to match. I do have
an end result in mind when I start. Although, sometimes the
end isn't what I envisioned at all.

I think it is time to make a bundle of cards and
send off to charity. I like to use
They feature a different charity each month.
If you have a favorite charity please let me know.
I have plenty of cards to send.

Happy Sunday

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bright & Cheery

Christmas Day we had drizzles for the whole
day. But, it was very warm so we were able
to open the house up a bit.
Fresh air coming in, the sound of rain on the roof and
a golden turkey in the oven.
What could be better.
Can't think of much of anything except
seeing my family around the Christmas dinner table.
We are so scattered around the U.S. that we
couldn't get together this year.

My overall cheery mood inspired the following
pieces...this one is for

Inspiration Photo
(bottom corner of art piece)

The photo inspired my color choices.

All additional images are from Printmaster.

This is Home Sweet Home

This could be South Beach in Miami. Remember the
pretty pastels of the TV show Miami Vice. Uhm,
Don Johnson is kind of pretty too.

Again, all images are from Printmaster.

Relax and Enjoy
has been posted this a.m.

!!! Happy New Year !!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

"It was the night before Christmas ....

....and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
not even a mouse"

Well, don't you believe it. I've been pretty
busy this day before Christmas.

Pick 3

My beautiful background paper is 'Luxury Antiqued' from
Dezinaworld I have splotched it up some with gold embossing.
The scan isn't doing that justice at is really quite pretty.
The cat is from CowTown Stamps. There are a couple
of unadvertised Grab Bags on special at CowTown Stamps News Blog.
My kittie is stamped on gold metallic paper and the silver paper
is from a candy wrapper.

On to Roma for some Fun for Theme Thurs
and Mail Art for 3 Muses (Ooops, I'm late)

This is a vintage postcard mailed from Rome in 1961. The
note is in Italian but it is addressed in English to an
address in Washington D.C.
I love the postcard just as it is but I couldn't miss a
chance to try a some collage. I added the women sitting
holding the fish, nearby lyre, balloon under the arch, woman with
lyre in the passage way and the floral border. All was distressed
with Distress Vintage Photo ink.
I equate travel with FUN and who wouldn't have fun
in Rome.

"Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And, a Happy Wacky Weds to you....

It's Wednesday and another FREEBIE image from
Unfortunately, the shop is still experiencing
technical difficulties and is still closed.

You can go to the challenge blog and grab your
FREE doggie image.

Isn't she cute.
She would make a cute Valentine with her heart shaped nose
and the heart on her collar. Substitute a heart for the flower
and this would be a great guy card.
I did the coloring with my Copics. Then it was just putting it
all together with a few papers and embellishments.
Don't forget to stop in and grab your FREEBIE.
Hopefully, all will be back to normal at Robyns Fetish
very soon.

Happy Holidays

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reading & Snowflakes

Sounds like a good thing to be doing on a snowy day.
I love to read. Right now I'm reading
'Fault Lines' by Anne Rivers Siddons.

Let It Snow
Merry Moose-mas
(image provided)
Let It Snow

I think this little moose is so cute. Please note...the moose is colored using
my new Copics. It sure is different than using markers and takes some
practice. I still need to learn to shade better. But, Copics are the
way to go. I got mine at MerriArtist.

Open Theme

All images, ExLibris label, handwritten letter and book are

We are going out this morning to buy our
Christmas dinner fixins'. I love the holiday dinners.
I must hide my scales.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Embossed Leaves

December Sketch by
Arlene Challenge

It took me almost the whole month to get this card
made for the challenge. The image that I used
is from ggdesigns. I'm in really good company
in the Gazette so be sure to stop in and visit. There
is still time to join in. The more the merrier.

The leaf is stamped in clear embossing ink and sprinkled with
antique powder mix with just a pinch of copper and heat embossed.
I used the copper to blend with the reddish tones in the bark. That
is real curled bark that I found near a tree in a shopping center parking lot.
I brought home an envelope full. It is so pretty but fragile.
The flower is a paper flower embellished with a heart and a key.
The word love is also metal. The sticker strips are for the vertical
element in the sketch. I just couldn't
work a couple of the sketch elements in to this design. This is
the sketch by Arlene.

If you would like to see some very nice crafting....visit
I just posted the 'Monday Mix'.
!!! Wow !!!

I just made my first post on the Going Green Crafters and Artists Blog
I see some friends of mine are already posting there.

I've been watching some Beginners Copic Tutorials.
It is really interesting to see how each instructor does
her coloring. I've learned a to be able
to transfer that to paper.


I haven't gotten to my bead making yet....but I will soon.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

2nd Post of the Day

Jolly Old St. Nick
Christmas Tree

The green paper came with the Christmas tree on it. I had lost that
paper for awhile but ta da found it. The rest of the images are from
Printmaster. I cropped St. Nick from another image which also used a Christmas Tree
but I like my Christmas paper better. To do the sentiment I used the format font feature
Calligraphy then added a texture and toned down the
color just a bit. There is a black border then all is put on the
colorful red and green background paper.
Ho Ho Ho

Last Minute Shopping

If things had been up and running smoothly I would be posting
my shopping grandma for the Saturday sketch challenge.
But, unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, Robyns Fetish
Shop is off line. I will notify you when it is back up and
open for business.
Until then enjoy this card and look for your
Wacky Weds FREEBIEs and Saturday challenge cards
right here.

The Pen Challenge
is open right through the holidays.
I hope you are inspired to join in.
Here is how I used my pen for this challenge.

Artastic Challenges has a monthly inspirational challenge. December
uses Vermeer's beautiful portrait "Girl With the Pearl Earring".

I'm not entering the challenge but Pearl Earring
reminded me of my visits to Sea World San Diego.
Back then, late 60s, they had Japanese Pearl Divers that
would dive for oysters.

The divers were so graceful to watch. This exhibit has since
been replaced. But, I have this beautiful pearl to remind me
how much I liked watching the divers.

My little baggie is marked 7.5 and the pearl was valued
at $21. I don't know why I never had it mounted as a ring
or a pin. It just sits in my jewelry box.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Vintage Pearls


End of the Year Open Theme

I really enjoy working in this style. I love taking a little scrap of this
and a little scrap of that and putting it all together. The elements for
this card came from a beautifully decorated vest that I bought
at a thrift store in Redding, CA. This was during my visit
to my Mom in October.
I hated to cut it up but the vest is way to tiny
to fit me. I added a few more pearls, gold thread and the cherubs.
And, I still have lots of the vest left for future projects.

My projects for today are.....
to make a few beads with my newest bead rollers.
I have 3 sizes now, large, medium and tiny. I'm going to
use all the sizes today. My nifty bead rollers come from

I will have show and tell on the beads in a day or two.
I have an earlier blog, HERE, aptly titled "I'm in Love",
because I love my bead rollers, where you will find
instructions and pictures on how I make rolled paper beads.

And, I want to play with my new Copics.
Merry Christmas to ME.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two for Thursday

This sweet kitty angel is by BeccaKay the Christmas Kittie Stamp Set
at MyGrafico.



I think this angel kittie is so cute on her own that she didn't
need much done. A bit of pink for her ears, nose and wings. I
followed a very versatile sketch with coordinating papers on
a white base card. Easy Peasy and cute.

This card is made with another digi stamp from Christmas Kitties.
This is for Stamping Vacation
Pick 3 Challenge

Scrapbooking & Crafting Friends
Vintage Div...Stripes

I'm not sure this is very vintage but I sure do like the colors.
The papers are from a coordinating Christmas pad and
embellished with a red ribbon.

Scrapbooking & Crafting Friends is a very friendly
Forum with many sub-groups that you can join. Right now
the DT Project Area is having a DT call.
This is not your everyday Design Team. It is so relaxed there.
You pick what categories you want to design for, about
2 projects per month. We are sent digi stamp sets to use
by MyGrafico and we have guidelines not deadlines.
All of the details are at the link.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Fond Farewell (2nd Post of the Day)

Design Team
Here I am sailing off into the sunset

For my farewell sketch challenge at MyGrafico I used
one of the images from the Vroom Vroom Digi Stamp Set
by Cocoa Studio. This is the set that you could win
this week. Don't forget you have two chances to win if you
enter Monday's Color challenge and Wednesday's Sketch Challenge.
A brand new DT will be posting samples for the
challenges starting in January. I've seen samples of
their work and they are great. So after the holidays check
back for a new year of challenges.

Also, I've said my farewells to Squigglefly as a member of
their Design Team. I had a wonderful time. I will always
have a precious memory of that time with the lovely
Visit the link to download your free copy.
Squigglefly is revealing new images all of the time
and a new DT will be in place for the challenges starting in Jan 2010.

As I say farewell to them.....I'm saying hello
to Robyns Fetish Challenges DT and online shop.
See the post below for your
Wacky Weds FREEBIE.

And, HELLO to Flutter By Weds Challenge DT as a Guest
Designer for 3 mos at her new home
for Flutter By challenges all beginning January 2010.
Today there is a sketch challenge just beginning for this week.
I'm working on mine. A card maker can never
have to many sketches to give her inspiration.

Another new venture of mine will be as a contributor
On this blog you can explore many ways to go
green in your crafting with tips, ideas and tutorials.
I will be contributing something there on a regular basis.

And, Use Your Paper Scraps is now on a
Holiday break. I will be back JAN 4TH with
more challenges and ideas and a surprise
or two.

Last but not least, is Soartful Challenges.
The inspiration/theme challenges are continuing right
through the holidays. Please stop by to see the lovely
art created by really fabulous artists.
Everyone is WELCOME.

!!! Always busy having fun !!!

First of Two Posts for Wednesday

Meet sweet Sally Sheep. Sally is your Wacky Weds FREEBIE today at
Robyns Fetish challenge blog. There is a new challenge there
every Saturday. Be sure to stop in at the challenge and
at the shop for the 30% off SALE.
Check out my sidebar for links to Robyns Fetish DT
members.....they would love you to visit their blogs.

I placed my Sally on a background picture of a field and flowers.
I added some dimensional white and red paint with sprinkles of
clear glitter for a little pop. I also added a paper flower sticker over
the printed flower in matching colors. The flower center is more red
dimensional paint and glitter.

I'm also using Sally for the Happy Birthday challenge

I'll be back a bit later with another post.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Girls

This is the sweet princess image we were given to use
for the DT call. I didn't make the team but I see 3
of my friends there now. Lori, DT coordinator and
Jane who I know from Cardmakers.
Also, Kym who I know from another DT.

This is the card that I made.
Just a little tidbit about the background image.
Right about the level of the princess is a line
of knights storming this castle. When I altered
the picture to make it faint and dreamy, thank goodness,
they were gone.

Stretch N' Bubbles has some very nice digi stamps.

Domestic Goddess

My first thought for Domestic Goddess was Rosanne. But,
I quickly passed on that one.
I started with the original image from Printmaster and
started adding and adding. I added the cups, teapot, plates, medallion half,
sentiment and arch background. I did alter a few of the colors to
blend better. I kind of like my little Domestic Goddess in training.

If you're like me and buying yourself a set of Copics....
here is a web site for you. It is the monthly In Touch at
Ellen Hutson, LLC. It's all about Copic colors.
Very interesting.

And, if you need to whip up a quick and easy gift for
someone....this one can be made in one evening.

If you didn't want to add mini photos, I can see this all
decorated with sentiments and stamped images.
A nice gift for someone.

This morning we are off to buy a new ceiling fan cover
for my almost finished redecorated bathroom.
We are taking a little mini day trip to Conway for
this. It is supposed to be a lovely day and I'd also
like to stroll their pretty boardwalk along the
Waccamaw River. It is a beautiful example
of the wide lazy rivers that are here in the South.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Monday

Sketch Challenge
Image and Papers Provided

Stamping Dragon is a new Monthly Challenge blog and
Digi Image Online Shop.
This sweet reindeer and fabulous papers are free for this challenge.
I deviated quite a lot from the sketch but I wanted
to show lots of the pretty plaid paper.
The plaid and green are original and the yellow
is where I altered the green.
I love how this turned out.
Beside the challenge and freebie kit....there is
50% off at her store the month of December.

Ghost of Christmas Past

Oops, I missed the deadline on this one.
But here it is anyway.
The basic image is from Printmaster. I added the clock
swirl, border and sentiment. The image has been altered
to frosted sepia. Can you see the hazy ghost?
I guess I'd better start thinking of the challenge for
THIS week
A Dark Christmas Bubble

We had rain all day yesterday. The temp was really balmy
so it was quite nice. I should have done some house cleaning
but just played instead.

And, I made the plunge and ordered a set of
Copic Markers. My friend Stef recommended
Merri-Artist as a place to get them at
good prices and fast delivery. I can't wait until
they get here and I can start learning how to use
them. Fun, fun, fun!

Prairie Fairy is a new shop and challenge that
will be going live soon. For now, they are offering
some wonderful blog candy.

From the sneak peeks that I've seen the images are wonderful.
Prairie Fairy is also having a DT call.
So go on over and visit.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Soartful And Other Things

My theme this week is
'Dancing With Joy'

Here is my creation using the image provided.
(See sidebar for image being used)

The background panel is linen textured paper. The cropped sheep scene
is from Printmaster also the birds. The Dancing Sherherdess
is cropped from a picture from the NYPL Digital Gallery called
'Ruth St Denis in Scherzo Waltz'.
The scroll border is also from Printmaster.
After I had everything in place I altered the colors using
Blue and Pink. This can be done in the edit photo section
of Printmaster. I love the lavender tint. I don't know if it
is sunrise or sunset, but, that's what I think of when I see this.

To see some beautiful artwork on display visit
the Soartful Challenges blog.

O Christmas Tree
Red and Green

O Christmas Tree

The sheet music has been altered to red. The tree, Stampin' Up,
is green dye based ink. I added white dimensional paint to
the branches and below the tree then sprinkled crystal glitter on it. I had
a hard time deciding what color to paint the swirl. Green won
the toss. The distressing is done with the same red ink.

Now, a little stamping.
Yes, I still stamp.

with Angel, Fairy or Butterfly

I stamped all images in green pigment ink and clear heat embossed.
The coloring is done with Pearlescent Watercolors. I love them. They
cost less that Twinkling H20s and they are easier to use. I have
a pallet of 21 beautiful colors. I used the light green and gold
for this card. Now, on to the bow. I can't tie a bow. Well,
my friend Sheri, Smiles for Everyone, sent me this wonderful
bow maker from Gina K called the Bow Easy. She has a wonderful video tutorial.
This is my first try at using the Bow Easy. I need a bit more practice
but it sure is better than I normally do.
Thanks for this wonderful tool Sheri.

While I was at Gina K. I downloaded lots of Freebie papers.
Have you visited there yet?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Welcome to the Robyn's Fetish Blog Hop

Online Shop, New Releases, Wacky Weds Freebies, Challenge Blog
Prizes, Yahoo Group, Meet the Design Team Members
!!! Oh My !!!
It's all right here and right now.

If you came from Karen's blog
you are right on track.
But, you don't want to miss anything so
here is the starting point Robyn's Fetish Challenge Blog.
If you lose your way I have the complete list in my sidebar.
You're last stop will be Robyn's Shop with 30% off on
to celebrate the NEW RELEASES.

The image that I'm showcasing is

This week's challenge is a Recipe Challenge.

1 Patterned paper
3 colors card stock
Punches or die cutting machine.

First, I chose a feminine patterned paper for Gertrude.
Then matched the colors with card stock. I colored with the matching
colors using colored pencils and Sharpie Permanent Markers.
Copics are on my 'to buy' list. I created two smaller panels with
punched corners and used pop dots to attach Gertrude.
I also corner punched the patterned paper. Her basket is filled with punched
flowers and decorated with punched hearts. I had to ruffle through my
embellishments but I came up with matching lace and buttons.

Want to try before you buy....then visit Wacky Wednesday
for this FREEBIE.

Elves With Presents

and my showcase card
I layered corrugated dark green card stock to a red base card.
The coloring is done with my Sharpies in red and green and some
yellow. I left a bit of the green showing so I could embellish with ribbons.
The sentiment and present are cut from the Designer Paper
that I decided not to use as a background panel.

Your next stop is

Be eligible for the Prize Drawing by leaving
a comment on each blog.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Keeping it Simple

Tomorrow is Robyn's Fetish
New Release Blog Hop.
Celebrate with us beginning
at 12:01 a.m. EST, Saturday, Dec 12th.
I'll be here...will you?
Well, probably by Autopost at that
hour of the day.

Keeping the Card Simple

I made this card using scraps. I tried hard to get the scalloped
edges cut straight. Even with a guideline I have trouble.
I don't know why I can't see level.
The cherubs are buttons with the shanks removed.

Except for trying to keep a straight line, that is a pretty simple card.

My light is firecracker bursts
Dance With Me
This is my first challenge at Crazy Amigo.
Too Hot to Tango.
The background fireworks panel is from Printmaster.
The silhouette dancers are from Digital Ink. Co by Stitchy Stamps.
The Digital Ink, Co is having a 50% off sale now.
I like how this turned out.

Use Image and Pink
Clean and Simple
No bows, brads, etc.
This is the inspiration for the digi stamp.

Meet sweet Malie.

I do have shear pink ribbon but no bow.
The stars are punched so the pink glitter paper will
show through. I have crystal glitter used as snow.
Sweet, Clean and Simple.

This group will be limited to 100 members.
This site is for members only and is not available for general viewing, only people who have been given access to this site can see these pages.

The site will be a perfect mix of 50 Digital designers and 50 Crafters.

The designers must post one free image a month.

Crafters may take all or select the images they want.

They then have to use one of their chosen images to create a project and then post on their own blog and leave a comment and link here.

Designers can not take part in posting a entry only crafters can take part.

A winner will be chosen by voting poll added to the blog.

The winning crafter will receive a £5.00 prize

The designer who created the image on the winning entry will receive a £10.00 prize.

I hope everyone will be okay with the start date being the 8th of January.

Now, doesn't that sound interesting?
If you decide to be one of the 50/50, please
mention my name.