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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Enjoy the Day

It's a new day and I want you to enjoy it.
Here is a friendly rooster to start your day off right.
Cock a doodle do

Farm Animals

It only takes about an hour, isn't that what Lens Crafters said?
That is the premise behind One Powerful Hour. Start to finish, including
clean up, in One Powerful Hour. This only took me about an hour to
create. I found the image that I wanted to use, added text and
printed out on glossy card stock. Before adding the picture panel
to the base card I wrapped gold twine and tucked in a feather.
There, your good morning wake up call rooster reminding you to
enjoy your day. I wish he didn't crow quite so early.

Have a wonderful day.


June said...

Hi Jeanette its lovely. Sorry i havent been around much lately, hope all is good with you my friend
hugs June xxxxxxx

msfreida said...

This is BREATH-TAKING, Jeanette! WOW! How creative to use the feathers! What a perfect touch! This is such an awesome way to start the day! Hope you enjoy yours as well! :)


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

wow jeanette! this is gorgeous. i love the feather touch! i really like this one!

cmoh said...

The colors are marvelous...just like a if only that darn rooster wouldn't wake us up ;)

I love it!

Thanks for joining us at One Powerful Hour