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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Howling at the Moon

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Show Our Animal Friends Some Love

This fabulous digi stamp is from Stamp & Doodle.
I put my wolf on a piece of found birch bark. I received a big piece
of birch bark straight from the wilds of Montana from my friend Elva.
I love using the birch bark. Although, for this piece I need to put my
wolf and bark on a sturdier background. I think this card is going on
my all time favorites list.

Moon Shadow

My version of moon shadow actually came from my memories of seeing 2
solar eclipses. Once on a special cruise just for Eclipse viewers. We sailed
from NYC to Dakar, Africa with a stop at the Canary Islands.
This was in 1973. Seeing this eclipse was truly a magical experience.
On deck in the middle of the day and being able to watch the moon
slide across the sun and gradually dim the sky to twilight. It was a
truly unforgettable experience. And, just to do a little name dropping
on this cruise we met Scott Carpenter and Neil Armstrong. They not
only gave classes but they also mixed and mingled with the passengers.
Another famous guest on board and a real treat to meet was
Isaac Asimov. I'm not a big fan of his science fiction books but I sure
enjoyed him as a person. I read his biography and included was
a chapter about this very trip. And, I was there.

On a trip to Hawaii several years ago, my daughter and I were fortunate enough to see
another solar eclipse. We happened to be in our tour bus at the time in
downtown Honolulu. We had no idea this was taking place until
we were on the plane and most of the passengers were flying to
Hawaii just to see the eclipse. What a happy accident that was.
It really is exciting to see the sky dim during the eclipse.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

these are gorgeous! and a world traveller too! how wonderful!!! your trip sounds totally awesome!!!

msfreida said...

Both of these are INCREDIBLE! I have always had a thing for Birch trees, and this piece is GORGEOUS! Love this FABULOUS composition! :) Is that "Moon Shadow" not breath-taking? OH MY!!! How fortunate you've been to have seen 2 solar eclipses in such amazing places! I'm sooo jealous! :) My oldest son and I have always been intrigued with space and what goes on there! Once we laid on our roof to get the best view of a meteorite looked like it was raining stars! :) What an unbelievable experience! :)


Cat said...

What fabulous projects, Jeanette! So exciting to hear about your trips!

Debbie said...

Very unique ... I {heart} the monochromatic color scheme! Thanks for joining us at KLSNS this week :)

Kelly - KL Stampin N Scrappin said...

Loe how you used the piece of birch bark with this GREAT image (so natural and lovely). Love the photo of the moon eclipse as well. Thanks for sharing it with us. It is stunning! Thanks for joining us at <a href=">KL Stampin N Scrappin </a>for Risa's Animal-Riffic challenge!

Kersten said...

Wow! Amazingly beautiful moon art! :) I also quite like your wolf.

paperscissors said...

thanks for sharing your story, very fascinating! your work is very captivating and i have now become a follower so as not to miss any more creative genuis!

Debby said...

The Wolf on Birch is Fantastic and I love the colors of the Moon Shadow. Beautiful!