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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fun Finds from the Freebie Newspaper

Yesterday, I while waiting for Lorne to finish his chemo treatment,
I thumbed thru the doctor's office collection of reading material.
We have several freebie newspapers in our area and the
doctor's offices seem to have them all.
This particular one is called

Sasee Cover
Freebie News for Women
There wasn't much left of this one by the time I finished with it.
I tore this out and that out and I will file them away
for future reference for things to do and things to make.

The first thing that I tore out was this adorable cover art by 
Pam Warden.
She has a new website where she sells her line of greeting cards,
I love her art.  It is so playful.

Then I ran across adds for shops that carried some
really cute Halloween things.

First, is the adorable doll.

Uhm, I could do this!

Velvet Pumpkins
Hot Skwash by Daria Knowles
Uhm, another thing to make.  I also thought of 
using embossed velvet to wrap the pumpkins.  Remember, Mary O'Neil of  Hot Potatoes
coming on the old Carol Duval show to show us how to emboss
on velvet.   The results are really elegant. 

This one is really fun.

Elephant Poo Cards by
Haathi Chaap

That’s right, it’s paper made from Elephant Poo and we are
crazy enough to make it. In fact, we think that once you’ve had a
look around our website, you may even want some!

What’s more’s organic and safe to use!
from Haathi Chaap home page

See more poo products here

They say it doesn't stink either.

And, last but not least


One stop shopping at this strip mall.Groceries at Food Lion, hair cut at Hair Trends andthe big at Tuesday Morning.This is just up the street from me and I never noticed it until I read
this ad.   Come to think of it, I do need a hair cut.

Just a note......
You might want to try these Halloween Projects
to prepare for the
Halloween Gala
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Outlaw Women Scrapbook Emporium
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October 29th.
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Crafting with OWSE
Right now Judy is demonstrating how to make
Embossed Tiles like this beauty.

I hope you enjoyed going thru my clippings with me.


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