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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A New To Me Ink

I just found out about a new type of ink.
It is a hybrid ink called Palette by Stewart Superior.

For my article this week at Crafting with OWSE 
Ink, Part One

I'm doing an article featuring the new Palette inks.
I guess they aren't all that new but they are to me.
They arrived on the stamping scene in 2008.

We are now carrying these inks at

Here are a few color samples for the 1" cube 4 Paks.





This is just 4 of the fabulous 1" Cube 4 Paks of the 9 that are available.
There are 36 colors of regular size individual ink pads and reinkers 
also available.  
I've just ordered a selection of the new Palette inks to try.
I will have INK, Part Two for everyone soon.
INK, Part One can be found HERE
The our inventory of Palette Inks can be found in

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Lynn's Place said...

You always amaze me with the things you do and share ..thanks