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Friday, January 20, 2012

Gone Fishin


There is a lot of fishing going on around here.   I'm used to
fishing in rivers and streams.   Here it is all ocean fishing.
There are so many boats....little Jon boats to huge fishing boats
and everything in between.   It never fails, when I stroll the beach
I always see someone with a line thrown in the water.  
"The most popular fish caught in the City of Murrells Inlet in January are Black Sea Bass, Spot, Vermilion Snapper, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel
Popular fishing sites in Murrells Inlet during January are Drunken Jacks, Morse Park, Huntington Park Landing, Voygers View Marina, Murrells Inlet Public Landing"

C. Carey Cloud Drawing - Shrimp Boat Dock
Trivia - Cloud designed Cracker Jack prizes

In Georgetown there is a shrimp dock that looks almost like
this painting.   It is off by itself down a dirt lane.   Very picturesque.
You can also find local shrimp sold from the back of pick up trucks.
While walking the boardwalk in old Murrells Inlet I watched
a fresh oyster catch being unloaded.  

Caught in the morning and on the menu at Drunken Jack's  that same day.


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