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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trying to make it Interesting

This a new to me digital challenge.  
They start you off with an image and you are challenged to
make it interesting.   
My two entries are awaiting approval.   I really hope they are
accepted because I will be in some very good company.
If not, it is my pleasure to share them with you.

Image given for Challenge #3, Fan

Starter image with thanks to
Visit Greenwich 

and my entry

The plate and vase are from my collection of images.

Image given for Challenge #4, Morning Fog

Starter image from Ingrid Taylor

and my entry 

the Bridge is from WP Clipart

Now, this one gave me fits.   My image program doesn't have
the capabilities of a more advanced program like
Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop.   I have discovered that I
can greatly expand my digital creativity with 

I also found these online programs that are fun to tinker with.


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