Yes, my life is in transition. I am now getting used to life as a widow. What will this bring? Time will tell.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brush Strokes

These two projects were so much fun to do.

First, Everybody Art Challenge - Calendar

Using a calendar for the main theme had me stumped at first.
Then it came to me......I see "Be Creative Everyday"  used on
so many art blogs that I visit.   Uhmmmm, works for me.

Creating "Outside the Frame" with Three Muses Challenge.
We are to overlap an image on the frame.
I like the effect of the image a bit out of the frame.
The sample piece is really beautiful.  See it here.

It is just getting light out now and the early birds are beginning to chirp.
I love this time of the morning.   My craft room windows look out
on a huge hickory tree.  This tree is a favorite of the birds and squirrels.
I love to watch the squirrels and their antics.  I do have a couple of problems
with them and the hickory nuts they love so much.  Our front
porch is always littered with empty shells.   They sit on the railing
and nibble away then casually leave the mess for me to clean up.
They also dig perfectly round holes about 1" across and bury the
hickory nuts.   Every Spring I have to go around and pull unwanted
hickory trees from my grass and front flower bed. 

Even potted plants are fair game.
I'm always surprised at how many of them sprout.

Until next time......
Be Creative Everyday


Taluula said...

Jeanette, your work made me smile, especially that quote which is oh so true. I love the painterly effect too.

Ellen said...

what a fun artistic piece, love the colours and the mrs.
that squirrel photo is brilliant.

JoanMarie said...

Love your creative powers here! (Ditto to what Taluula wrote.) Outside the frame turned out so cute! And the squirrel pic is adorable too. My "Outside the frame" is on my blog and I will soon be posting my squirrel photo as well. We certainly do have like minds Jeanette. ;)
Hope you had a fantastic weekend!