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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sacred Stones

Sacred Stones

My piece is arranged around these gorgeous crystals that I Googled.

And, you know how it is when you start thing leads to another.
The name Vina, CA, came up in connection to Sacred Stones project.   I clicked on to
see what on earth was in tiny (pop. 237) Vina, CA.   This town is not all that
far from where I grew up in Redding, CA.   I found this very interesting article
Hearst purchased a 12th Century Spanish Monastery to rebuild stone by
stone for his mother's summer home near Mr. Shasta, CA.   These are
the very same stones now found in the rebuilding of the Chapter House
Some of the stones are used in the landscaping in the Botanical Gardens
in Golden State Park.

Abandoned stones in Golden State Park

All these years later, the Chapter House is near completion.