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Friday, March 30, 2012

In a Vintage frame of mind

I'm back from being at my mom's in Montana.   It was a nice visit.
The weather was snowy when my daughter, Susan, and I arrived.
We did have some nice days while there so we had
no problems getting around.  

One of the fun things that Susan and I did was drive to Libby Dam
and see the Birds of Prey presentation.   This was really a fabulous program.
I'm so glad the community, all ages, packed the house.   
The rest of the time was spent eating out, shopping at local thrift stores and
just catching up with each other.  

I'm fortunate and I've traveled around the US quite a lot.  One thing
I've searched and search for during these travels is a moose.
Finally, I saw a female moose drinking from a stream during this
visit to mom's.   I'm a happy woman.

I'm sharing with everyone today a couple of vintage pieces that
I just completed.   I'm submitting these for the CT call at the new

This first piece uses an image from their debut freebie.

Hidden Vintage Studios Debut Freebie

Other images used are from my collection.

My next vintage project begins with a lovely fashion sketch

Other images used are from my collection.

The above two pieces are digital.  This is one that I did by hand using
papers and elements from 7 Gypsies Conservatory Collection.

That's it for today.
Until next time.....thanks for stopping by.

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jules said...

wow fabulous Jeanette i do love those butterflys!!