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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chicken Run

Sunday Postcard Art has a really fun challenge for
everyone this week.....Chicken Run.  Be sure to stop in
and take a look at all of the great entries.

This little chick isn't going to be sold.

We raised Rhode Island Reds at one time.

Daddy built the coop and pen.  He kept that coop spotless.
My job was to feed the chickens and gather the eggs.  Of 
course I made pets of the all.
   We also had a few Bantys that had the run of the place.

Here is a heart warming story about Gladys the chicken and
her friend Snowy.

Gladys and Snowy



bockel24 said...

I´m sooo glad you liked the theme and had fun playing!

Electra said...

Perfect delightful art and perfect photos as well!