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Friday, June 29, 2012

Art Journal Page

Whew, it is warm already, 5 a.m., 74 with 84% humidity.
Today they are forecasting temps of 91 and tomorrow 99.
My a/c is running merrily along.  I'm making the electric company
very very happy.
All of my new plantings are going to need a nice soaking today.
And, I think I will be able to pick my first fig of the season.

Art Journal

I should have made my page about the critter that I saw on my porch
yesterday.   But, he is still giving me chills.   Have you ever
seen a Broadhead Skink?  Me neither and I'm pretty sure
I don't want to ever again.   He's fine out in the yard but NOT
up on my front porch.

Male Broadhead Skink

If it hadn't been for the reddish head I wouldn't have been able
to identify him.   And, according to website info my skink is a him.
They aren't small or, as far as I'm concerned, very pretty.   
Not at all like my sweet little green lizards that I dearly love.

These little guys like to hang out on my patio plants.

I must get to the store early this morning before it
gets too hot.


Junibears said...

Lovely page Jeanette! I wouldn't want that big ole thing coming onto my porch either!! xx

Deborah said...

Wow! I didn't realize anoles live all the way up in South Carolina! I don't mind skinks or anoles. They eat insects. Bugs give me the creeps!

Magpie said...

Whooo, how big IS that skink? Funny how there are creatures out there in the garden that are actually beneficial, but are scary to see on one's porch. Guess that's why we must live and let live.

I love your journal page ~ it's very cheerful and creative. Thanks so much for playing at Inspiration Avenue!


Diane ~ said...

Jeanette, your journal page is so sweet and lovely! :)

Claire said...

what a fun page and so in the free spirit of art journalling!! and i love geckos :)

IMGIRL said...

From someone who LOVES color, I couldn't have said it better. I adore your page!! Great job!


Lou Anne said...

Thank you for sharing your colorful journal page and your photos of the critters you find in your garden. Those guys are worth their weight in gold. I love the bug-eaters of the universe.