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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Framed Tulips


I don't use a lot of frames in my pieces so this was something different
for me.  The images used are all from my various collections.  

A few days ago I mentioned buying some new plants for my
flower bed.  Yesterday morning was the perfect (cool) time to
poke them in the ground.   My garden bed has lots of
purples, pinks, and yellow to orange to red and one large
white Gardenia that fills the air with fragrance.
When it is in bloom it is magnificent.

They should grow up and look like this.....

New dimension Rose Salvia
I wasn't quite sure what this one was but I think I'm going
to be very happy with it.  I had a quite large empty spot and this
beautiful arch plant will fill in nicely.

It doesn't look like much now......but just you wait. 

Full Grown Broom Hollandia


indybev said...

WOW, Jeanette, this is brilliant use of framing. The result is a beautiful art piece. Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers!

Deborah said...

That is beautiful and colorful. We can't grow tulips this far south, and I miss them...