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Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer in Bloom

Summer is officially here, as of June 20th.   Our weather has been telling me that
for days and days before that.   If this is any indication of what's to come....
it is going to be a hot one.

I seem to equate summer with flowers.


Collage Theme Challenge #3 ~Summer

Bloomin' Summer
I think this sweet garden lady pot holder is so darn cute.  You can
get your own, free, right here from Touched By A Butterfly.
I've added a hat and a few blooms to the original.  The rest
of the elements used are from my collection.

Since summer has me thinking of blooms, I made a trip
to my local Lowes and picked up a few plants in the
garden center.  I always check out what I call their 'Dead Pile'.
They aren't dead plants just a little worn around the edges.
These are available with deep discounts.   I picked out 4 perennials.
I will be putting them in the flower border this morning... if I get
out there before it gets hot.  I'd better get a move on it's
already 75 degrees out.

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