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Friday, September 7, 2012



My digital collage using beautiful browns.

Shades of Brown
Question: What is a monochromatic color scheme?
Answer: monochromatic color scheme uses a single color on most every surface. In this type of scheme, various darker shades, grayer tones, and paler tints of the main color may be included in the palette. In addition, the one color is often paired with white or another neutral.
Now, don't be thinking it sounds dull because it isn't.   

Sunny Yellow

Firery Red
Elegant Purple
Our interior is painted in pastel is painted a
lovely lavender similar to the last paint chip.  

The 3D cube and kaleidocope were done in 
LunaPic using the following images.


Ros Crawford said...

A great digital collage ... perfectly monochrome ... Thanks so much for playing along at CCCB ... BTW I love that bedroom!!!

Charlene said...

A fabulous card!!! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful card this week at CCCB :-)

Linda R said...

Your digital collage looks so pretty.. Thanks so much for playing along with us over at CCCB!