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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Montana Life

I've said my goodbyes to Myrtle Beach, SC.  This is a picture Susan took of me
on the 2nd Ave Pier in downtown Myrtle Beach on my last night there. 

My destination......those mountains in the distance.

Thanks Susan...I just plucked what I wanted from your Flickr.
Susan also has a lovely post on her blog about our trip. 
It brought tears to my eyes.  

I've been here two weeks now and I'm whittling away at my list of things to do.  
  New washer and dryer arrives today
Keys made
Kitchen cleaned and stocked
Andrew the handyman finished fixing a few things
(he will be coming back to paint the front porch)
Arch the lawn guy hired - starts Saturday
The general cleaning and sorting has begun
Temporary MT plates on car
Took mom shopping at Shopko.

One of the highlights of mom's day is the lunch at Senior Citizens.
I've been taking her everyday to lunch and to dinner there on Thurs.  This is
really pretty nice.  I'm always happy to have someone else do the
cooking and the dishes.  The food is really quite good.   The company
is very nice there, also.  I've met some really nice people.

I'm still living out of my suitcases and boxes.   I am gradually getting
things organized upstairs for my things.  As soon as I get things in place and
as much as I can off the floor the carpet cleaners are coming.  

I've had to make daily trips to the dump and I'm getting quite a collection
for the thrift store.  
Progress is slowly being made.

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